Unique recipients Found298
Number of Contributions Sorted2,699
Total Value of Contributions$368,614,000
Ordered BySum (High to Low)
Top recipients
Transactions on Record
Total Value of Contributions
251Special Operations Warrior Foundation1$50,000
252Women's Freedom Network2$50,000
253Institute for Humane Studies1$50,000
254British American Arts Association1$50,000
255Alliance for a Sustainable USA2$50,000
256Center for Freedom and Prosperity Foundation1$45,000
257Better Government Association1$43,500
258Global Foundation1$40,000
259Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty1$40,000
261NumbersUSA Education and Research Foundation1$40,000
262United States Strategic Institute1$40,000
263National Endowment for Democracy3$40,000
264City of Greensburg2$37,500
265Cornell University2$34,700
266Pittsburgh Leadership Foundation1$32,500
267Coalition for Local Sovereignty1$30,000
268Greater Pittsburgh Office of Promotion1$25,000
269Helen Dwight Reid Educational Foundation1$25,000
270Pennsylvanians for Effective Government Education Committee1$25,000
271Pennsylvania Economy League1$25,000
272Lafayette College1$25,000
273Indiana University1$25,000
274Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank1$25,000
275Criminal Justice Legal Foundation1$25,000
276International Institute for Economic Research1$25,000
277Mont Pelerin Society1$25,000
278Winnie Palmer Nature Reserve1$25,000
279Research Center for Government Financial Management1$25,000
280Mid-America Legal Foundation1$25,000
281Rutgers University1$25,000
282American Trust for Oxford University1$25,000
283Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh1$20,000
284United States Naval Academy3$16,000
285Catholic University of America1$15,000
286University of Texas at Austin1$12,800
287Universities Field Staff International1$12,000
288Jefferson Center for Character Education1$10,000
289Executive Council on Foreign Diplomats2$10,000
290Critical Review Foundation1$10,000
291Foundation for the Advancement of Monetary Education1$10,000
292MS Awareness Foundation1$10,000
293Villanova University1$8,000
294Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs5$5,000
295Navy League of the United States1$5,000
296Animal Care of Westmoreland County1$5,000
297The Philadelphia Society1$5,000
298University of Southern California2$0
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