Unique recipients Found298
Number of Contributions Sorted2,699
Total Value of Contributions$368,614,000
Ordered BySum (High to Low)
Top recipients
Transactions on Record
Total Value of Contributions
201Global Strategy Council3$120,000
202Carnegie Institute4$116,000
203American Red Cross in Southwestern Pennsylvania1$100,000
204Public Research Syndicated2$100,000
205Education Policy Institute2$100,000
206Mackinac Center for Public Policy2$100,000
207St. Francis General Hospital1$100,000
208National Aviary (Pittsburgh PA)1$100,000
209National Defense University1$100,000
210Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars1$100,000
211City of McKeesport (Pennsylvania)1$100,000
212Seton Hill University1$100,000
213University of California Irvine3$100,000
214Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change2$100,000
215George C. Marshall Foundation2$100,000
216Pacific Academy for Advanced Studies1$100,000
217Frontiers of Freedom Institute1$100,000
218UPG Foundation4$100,000
219Institute for International Studies2$90,000
220Association of Literary Scholars and Critics3$90,000
221Geneva College3$85,000
222Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute3$85,000
223National Legal Center for the Public Interest2$80,000
224Claremont Graduate University2$75,000
225Mountain States Legal Foundation3$75,000
226Americans Against Discrimination and Preferences2$75,000
227Sequoia Institute1$75,000
228Women for Freedom3$75,000
229International Freedom Educational Foundation1$75,000
230Women's Center & Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh2$75,000
231Grove City College3$75,000
232Toward Tradition2$70,000
233Corporation for Maintaining Editorial Diversity in America3$70,000
235University of Hull American Foundation2$60,000
236Center for a Free Cuba1$60,000
237Economic Education for Clergy5$56,000
238National Flag Foundation6$55,000
239Americans Back In Charge1$50,000
240Pennsylvania District Attorneys Association1$50,000
241City of Pittsburgh1$50,000
242The University of Chicago Law School1$50,000
243University of Illinois at Urbana'Champaign1$50,000
244Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation2$50,000
245Ebenezer Development Corporation1$50,000
246Nantucket Sustainable Development Corporation5$50,000
247Institute for Humane Studies1$50,000
248British American Arts Association1$50,000
249Women's Freedom Network2$50,000
250Allegheny County District Attorney's Office1$50,000
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