Unique recipients Found206
Number of Contributions Sorted206
Total Value of Contributions$41,065,997
Ordered BySum (High to Low)
Top recipients
Transactions on Record
Total Value of Contributions
101University of Texas of the Permian Basin1$50,000
102Illinois Taxpayer Education Foundation1$50,000
103Russell Home for Atypical Children1$50,000
104America's Future Foundation1$50,000
105The Feed Store1$50,000
106Hudson Institute1$50,000
107Show-Me Institute1$50,000
108Washington Institute for Near East Policy1$50,000
109Ethan Allen Institute1$50,000
110Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens1$50,000
111Fund for American Studies1$47,928
112Americas Majority Foundation1$40,000
113Gods World Publications1$36,000
114The Claremont Institute1$34,081
115Moving Picture Institute1$26,000
116Brown University1$25,000
117Cornell University1$25,000
118University of Texas at Austin1$25,000
119Boston College1$25,000
120Duke University1$25,000
121University of Notre Dame1$25,000
122Georgetown University1$25,000
123Rhodes College1$25,000
124American Committees on Foreign Relations1$25,000
125Ayn Rand Institute1$25,000
126University of Virginia1$25,000
127The Ryan Foundation1$25,000
128Christian Foundation for Children and Aging1$24,000
129First Freedoms Foundation1$22,500
130Center for Individual Rights1$22,000
131West Dallas Community School1$21,000
132Friends of the Dallas Public Library1$20,000
134Civil War Trust1$20,000
135Kanakuk Ministries (Branson MO)1$18,000
136First Presbyterian Church Midland1$17,100
137American Council on Science and Health1$16,000
138Leadership Institute1$15,000
139Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow1$15,000
140Lincoln Institute of Public Opinion Research1$15,000
141Virginia Institute for Public Policy1$14,500
142High Impact Life1$14,000
143Public Interest Institute1$13,000
144Safer Dallas Better Dallas1$12,500
145Defending America for Knowledge and Action1$12,000
146Young Life1$10,200
147American Islamic Congress1$10,000
148National Taxpayers Union Foundation1$10,000
150Castilleja School (Palo Alto; CA)1$10,000
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