Unique recipients Found132
Number of Contributions Sorted133
Total Value of Contributions$48,384,190
Ordered BySum (High to Low)
Top recipients
Transactions on Record
Total Value of Contributions
51Virginia Beach Justice Initiative1$25,000
52Americas Majority Foundation1$22,500
53Southern Center for Law and Ethics1$22,500
54Justice Foundation1$22,000
55American Decency Association1$22,000
56Ethics and Public Policy Center1$21,500
57North Carolina Center on Actual Innocence1$20,000
58Family Policy Institute of Oklahoma1$20,000
59Center for Urban Renewal and Education1$17,200
60Judicial Watch1$15,100
61Evergreen Freedom Foundation1$15,000
62American Majority1$15,000
63Eagle Forum Education & Legal Defense Fund1$14,100
64Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty1$14,025
65Advance America1$13,000
66Freedom Alliance1$12,600
67Stop Predatory Gambling Foundation1$12,500
68Second Amendment Foundation1$12,000
69Family Policy institute of Washington1$11,100
70Minnesota Council on Crime and Justice1$10,610
71Greenhouse Solutions1$10,100
72American Conservative Union Foundation1$10,000
73Georgia Public Policy Foundation1$10,000
74Foundation for a Balanced Government1$10,000
76John W Pope Civitas Institute1$9,200
78Southeast Law Institute1$7,300
79Palmetto Policy Forum1$7,000
80Rutherford Institute1$6,600
81FreedomWorks Foundation1$6,350
82National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation1$6,250
83EdChoice (Formerly Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice)1$6,200
84National Organization for Marriage Education Fund1$6,000
85Christian Law Association1$5,900
86David Horowitz Freedom Center1$5,550
87Mountain States Legal Foundation1$5,400
88Washington Policy Center1$5,000
89Kansas Policy Institute1$5,000
90Institute for Humane Studies1$5,000
91Taxpayer Revolution Foundation1$5,000
92Institute to Reduce Spending1$5,000
93Institute on Religion and Democracy1$4,200
94Center for Individual Rights1$4,000
95Future of Freedom Foundation1$4,000
96Project Veritas1$3,700
97American Council of Trustees and Alumni1$2,500
98Pacific Legal Foundation1$2,500
99Competitive Enterprise Institute1$2,500
100Cato Institute1$2,500
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