Unique recipients Found81
Number of Contributions Sorted91
Total Value of Contributions$111,492,875
Ordered BySum (High to Low)
Top recipients
Transactions on Record
Total Value of Contributions
51Pacific Justice Institute1$14,650
52Concerned Women for America1$14,500
53Young America's Foundation1$14,300
54Leadership Institute1$14,250
55David Horowitz Freedom Center1$13,000
56Eagle Forum Education & Legal Defense Fund1$10,100
57Parents Television Council1$8,500
58The Claremont Institute1$8,000
59Cato Institute1$7,350
60Judicial Watch1$6,000
61Philanthropy Roundtable1$6,000
62Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies1$5,500
63Mackinac Center for Public Policy1$5,500
64Middle East Media Research Institute1$5,000
65Ludwig von Mises Institute1$5,000
66Thomas More Law Center1$5,000
67State Policy Network1$3,500
68Center of the American Experiment1$2,150
69Evergreen Freedom Foundation1$1,700
70Traditional Values Coalition1$1,600
71The Independent Institute1$1,195
72Franklin Center for Government & Public Integrity1$1,000
73Free Congress Research and Education Foundation1$1,000
74Citizens Against Government Waste1$1,000
75Intercollegiate Studies Institute1$1,000
76Americans for Truth About Homosexuality1$1,000
77James Madison Institute1$600
78Texas Public Policy Foundation1$500
79FreedomWorks Foundation1$400
80National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation1$100
81Middle East Forum1$100
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