Unique recipients Found206
Number of Contributions Sorted206
Total Value of Contributions$41,065,997
Ordered BySum (High to Low)
Top recipients
Transactions on Record
Total Value of Contributions
51Beacon Center of Tennessee1$200,000
52Gotham Legal Foundation1$198,000
53Sutherland Institute1$191,000
54Washington Policy Center1$188,275
55James Madison Institute1$182,000
56Caesar Rodney Institute1$175,000
57Maryland Public Policy Institute1$161,000
58Security Research Associates1$160,000
59Platte Institute for Economic Research1$156,400
60Common Sense Institute of New Jersey1$155,000
61Mississippi Center for Public Policy1$152,300
62Buckeye Institute for Public Policy Solutions1$152,205
63Manhattan Institute for Policy Research1$150,000
64Family Research Council1$150,000
65Pioneer Institute for Public Policy Research1$144,500
66Alaska Policy Forum1$142,000
67Alabama Policy Institute1$140,000
68Institute for Policy Innovation1$140,000
69Freedom Foundation of Minnesota1$137,000
70Institute for Justice1$132,500
71Georgia Public Policy Foundation1$126,500
72John K. MacIver Institute for Public Policy1$117,000
73Pacific Research Institute for Public Policy1$115,000
74Bluegrass Institute1$115,000
75Americans for Limited Government Foundation1$100,000
76Foundation for Economic Education1$100,000
77Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America1$100,000
78Children's Scholarship Fund1$100,000
79Greater Houston Community Foundation1$100,000
80Reconciliation Outreach (Dallas)1$100,000
81John Locke Foundation1$100,000
82The Prometheus Institute (Irvine CA)1$90,000
83Intellectual Takeout1$90,000
84Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy1$88,600
851851 Center for Constitutional Law1$85,000
86Friends of Israel Center for Social and Economic Progress1$80,000
87National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation1$80,000
88Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs1$78,335
89North Dakota Policy Council1$78,000
90University of Arizona1$76,000
91Lucy Burns Institute1$75,000
92Small Business Hawaii Entepreneurial Education Foundation1$69,500
93Cato Institute1$67,500
94Reason Foundation1$67,124
95Friends of Warner Parks (Nashville)1$66,000
96One Nation Under God Foundation1$65,000
97Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy1$65,000
98National Center for Policy Analysis1$63,000
99Education Action Group Foundation1$54,000
100Jerusalem Institute for Market Studies1$52,000
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