Unique recipients Found132
Number of Contributions Sorted133
Total Value of Contributions$48,384,190
Ordered BySum (High to Low)
Top recipients
Transactions on Record
Total Value of Contributions
1Alliance Defending Freedom1$13,711,133
2American Family Association1$12,808,349
3Focus on the Family2$4,352,310
4Heritage Foundation1$4,106,275
6Institute for Justice1$1,902,450
7Family Research Council1$1,170,655
8Becket Fund for Religious Liberty1$1,041,850
9Sagamore Institute1$679,630
10Discovery Institute1$594,500
11Liberty Counsel1$355,500
12Liberty Institute1$299,505
13Family Foundation of Kentucky1$281,123
14Veritas Forum1$272,400
15Americans United for Life1$237,725
16American Center for Law and Justice1$231,738
17Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies1$231,000
18Institute for Global Engagement1$217,000
19NumbersUSA Education and Research Foundation1$205,000
20Georgia Center for Opportunity1$203,240
21Alabama Policy Institute1$166,611
22Right to Life of Michigan Educational Fund1$165,150
23John Jay Institute for Faith Society And Law1$156,350
24Center for Arizona Policy1$107,350
25Equal Justice Initiative1$105,000
26Fidelis Center for Law and Policy1$100,000
27Trinity Forum1$87,940
28Joe Foss Institute1$82,580
29George W. Bush Foundation1$81,600
30Concerned Women for America1$68,640
31Equal Rights Institute1$65,150
32Association for a More Just Society1$55,500
33Media Research Center1$52,850
34Claremont Institute1$51,000
35Hoover Institution1$50,820
36American Enterprise Institute1$50,000
37National Right to Life Committee Educational Trust1$47,660
38Heritage Defense Foundation1$45,000
39Wisconsin Right to Life Education Fund1$41,300
40Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs1$39,600
41Michigan Family Forum1$39,000
42Pacific Justice Institute1$38,600
43Minnesota Family Institute and Council1$33,750
44Christian Legal Society1$33,350
45Center for Bio-Ethical Reform1$32,581
46Leadership Institute1$31,200
47Philanthropy Roundtable1$30,000
48Indiana Family Institute1$27,050
49Fortify Rights1$25,000
50Pro-Life Action League1$25,000
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