Unique recipients Found81
Number of Contributions Sorted91
Total Value of Contributions$111,492,875
Ordered BySum (High to Low)
Top recipients
Transactions on Record
Total Value of Contributions
1Museum of the Bible1$54,900,000
2Alliance Defending Freedom2$20,131,452
3Young Life1$11,426,600
4Campus Crusade for Christ1$9,651,178
5Focus on the Family1$5,252,804
6The Navigators1$1,800,186
7Family Research Council1$1,442,180
8The Heritage Foundation1$1,017,175
9American Family Association2$839,234
10Discovery Institute1$597,250
11American Center for Law and Justice2$556,090
12American Conservative Union Foundation2$280,000
14Alabama Policy Institute2$246,938
15North Carolina Family Policy Council1$230,615
16Alliance for School Choice2$226,400
17American Majority2$220,000
18Independent Women's Forum1$200,000
19Institute for Faith Work & Economics1$200,000
20National Right to Life Educational Trust Fund1$181,330
21National Organization for Marriage Education Fund1$117,400
22Center for Arizona Policy1$117,350
23Liberty Institute1$117,068
24Minnesota Family Institute1$100,893
25NumbersUSA Education and Research Foundation1$100,000
26American Values2$96,000
27Becket Fund for Religious Liberty1$94,340
28Americans United for Life1$92,425
29Hillsdale College1$86,650
30Americans for Prosperity Foundation1$61,000
31John Hagee Ministries1$60,069
32Council for National Policy1$57,500
33Media Research Center1$57,150
34The Jesse Helms Center Foundation1$57,000
36Institute for Creation Research1$52,128
37Independence Institute1$50,000
38Moving Picture Institute1$50,000
39Indiana Family Institute1$42,325
40Liberty Counsel1$31,550
41The Witherspoon Institute1$25,000
42Coalition on Urban Renewal and Education1$23,800
43Competitive Enterprise Institute1$20,000
44Accuracy in Media2$20,000
45Center for Education Reform1$20,000
46Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty2$19,200
47Institute on Religion and Public Life1$15,000
48Ethics and Public Policy Center1$15,000
49Pacific Research Institute for Public Policy1$15,000
50Institute of World Politics1$15,000
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