Unique donors Found55
Number of Contributions Sorted519
Total Value of Contributions$49,869,786
Ordered BySum (High to Low)
Top donors
Transactions on Record
Total Value of Contributions
1Richard and Helen DeVos Foundation / DeVos Urban Leadership Initiative15$8,225,000
2Sarah Scaife Foundation34$7,925,000
3Lillian S. Wells Foundation10$4,761,386
4John M. Olin Foundation34$3,702,600
5John Templeton Foundation18$3,638,950
6The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation60$3,517,100
7Allegheny Foundation15$2,693,500
8F.M. Kirby Foundation15$2,240,000
9Philip M. McKenna Foundation18$2,205,500
10Earhart Foundation51$2,116,100
11Collegiate Network3$1,020,000
12Stuart Family Foundation13$920,000
13The Roe Foundation16$690,000
14Pierre F. and Enid Goodrich Foundation13$685,000
15William E. Simon Foundation8$594,400
16The Carthage Foundation3$436,300
17Claude R. Lambe Charitable Foundation5$425,000
18Castle Rock Foundation7$400,000
19Jaquelin Hume Foundation4$385,000
20The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation12$345,000
21Aequus Institute26$331,500
22The Shelby Cullom Davis Foundation10$330,000
23William H. Donner Foundation5$285,000
24Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation2$281,250
25JM Foundation7$213,000
26The Challenge Foundation2$209,500
27Arthur N. Rupe Foundation2$200,000
28Diana Davis Spencer Foundation5$163,000
29Searle Freedom Trust2$125,000
30Armstrong Foundation17$97,500
31The Vernon K. Krieble Foundation5$90,000
33Holman Foundation4$80,000
34Ed Uihlein Family Foundation2$75,000
35Barbara and Barre Seid Foundation5$55,000
36Scaife Family Foundation1$50,000
37Neal and Jane Freeman Foundation5$50,000
38Stiles-Nicholson Foundation8$43,500
39Gilder Foundation4$42,000
40Lowndes Foundation6$31,000
41John Dawson Foundation1$25,000
42The Randolph Foundation1$20,000
43Lynn & Foster Friess Family Foundation1$12,500
44The Rodney Fund2$10,000
45Woodhouse Family Foundation4$7,500
46Dorothy D. and Joseph A. Moller Foundation3$7,000
47John William Pope Foundation1$5,000
48Chase Foundation of Virginia5$5,000
49Media Research Center1$5,000
50Donors Capital Fund2$2,000
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