Unique donors Found92
Number of Contributions Sorted2,624
Total Value of Contributions$614,140,043
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Top donors
Transactions on Record
Total Value of Contributions
1Freedom Partners34$235,715,250
2Richard and Helen DeVos Foundation / DeVos Urban Leadership Initiative263$72,111,244
3Donors Capital Fund446$55,865,768
5TC4 Trust9$27,687,887
6Americans for Job Security6$26,205,750
7Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation257$14,913,804
8Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation153$13,758,058
9Americans for Responsible Leadership7$12,840,000
10Robert W. Wilson Charitable Trust18$12,668,347
11American Future Fund9$12,535,000
12David H. Koch Charitable Foundation2$10,500,000
13Dow Chemical Company5$8,312,077
15Exelon Corporation3$7,467,106
16American Petroleum Institute79$6,938,110
17American Natural Gas Alliance72$4,543,071
18Ed Uihlein Family Foundation94$3,872,166
19Oxbow Carbon LLC6$2,650,000
20TRT Holdings3$2,500,000
21Alliance Defending Freedom33$2,293,452
22Wellspring Committee3$2,195,000
23Middle East Forum13$1,796,963
24Stuart Family Foundation64$1,683,100
25American Action Network4$1,618,091
26Institute for Foreign Policy Analysis2$1,610,250
27Center for Educational Innovation18$1,440,867
28American Beverage Institute1$1,413,810
31Evangchr4 Trust2$1,192,000
32Retail Industry Leaders Association3$1,131,000
33Founding Fund6$1,090,000
34Employment Policies Institute Foundation1$1,038,621
35Center for Union Facts1$835,940
36Knowledge and Progress Fund1$800,000
37Reams Foundation23$795,910
38Koch Industries PAC216$683,500
39Prudential Financial2$668,750
40American Chemistry Council6$667,160
41American Electric Power1$525,000
42New Majority California2$525,000
43Illinois Policy Institute3$520,000
44Thewes Family Foundation10$488,500
45NumbersUSA Education and Research Foundation2$450,000
47Alliance Management Holdings1$425,000
48Citizens In Charge2$384,884
49Conservative Action League4$367,584
50National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation2$325,000
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