Unique recipients Found56
Number of Contributions Sorted56
Total Value of Contributions$4,643,736
Ordered BySum (High to Low)
Top recipients
Transactions on Record
Total Value of Contributions
1Foundation for Teaching Economics1$534,200
2Alliance for Excellent Education1$350,000
4Innosight Institute1$260,000
5Oakland Schools Foundation1$225,000
6Lancaster-Lebanon Education Foundation1$200,000
7San Francisco Symphony1$200,000
8Foundation for Excellence in Education1$200,000
9San Francisco Opera1$150,000
10New Schools Venture Fund1$107,500
11Association of American Educators Foundation1$100,000
12Center for Education Reform1$100,000
13Hechinger Institute1$100,000
14Alliance for College-Ready Public Schools1$100,000
15Integrated Educations Strategies Inc.1$100,000
16Education Reform Now1$80,702
17State Policy Network1$75,000
18Mackinac Center for Public Policy1$75,000
19Digital Promise1$75,000
20Pioneer Institute for Public Policy Research1$70,000
21Rhode Island Foundation1$65,000
22Education Action Group Foundation1$50,000
23American Legislative Exchange Council1$50,000
24Education Next1$50,000
26Independence Institute1$50,000
27Texas Public Policy Foundation1$50,000
28California Academy of Sciences1$50,000
29Learning Matters1$50,000
30Lexington Institute1$50,000
31Sutherland Institute1$50,000
32Manhattan Institute for Policy Research1$50,000
33Pacific Research Institute for Public Policy1$50,000
34Editorial Projects in Education1$50,000
35The Freedom Foundation1$47,000
36Philanthropy Roundtable1$40,000
37Illinois Policy Institute1$40,000
38California Teachers Empowerment Network1$40,000
39Florida School Choice Fund1$40,000
40Cascade Policy Institute1$40,000
41James Madison Institute1$35,000
42Bluegrass Institute1$35,000
43Maine Heritage Policy Center1$30,000
44Aspire Public Schools (Oakland CA)1$28,334
45Goldwater Institute1$25,000
46John Locke Foundation1$25,000
47Center for Teaching Quality1$25,000
48Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy1$25,000
49Smuin Ballet1$25,000
50Georgia Public Policy Foundation1$25,000
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