Unique recipients Found489
Number of Contributions Sorted848
Total Value of Contributions$69,432,679
Ordered BySum (High to Low)
Time Range2012 - 2017
Top recipients
Transactions on Record
Total Value of Contributions
1George Mason University Foundation2$22,268,161
2Institute for Humane Studies5$11,958,939
3George Mason University1$5,455,000
4American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research5$1,457,999
5Florida State University3$1,281,728
6Cato Institute3$1,154,390
7Strata Policy1$1,120,000
8Bill of Rights Institute5$1,112,813
9The Catholic University of America3$833,000
10Liberty Source2$830,500
11Florida Southern College2$600,000
12Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies4$541,148
13The Heritage Foundation3$511,274
14Emergent Order1$500,000
15Southern Methodist University3$484,000
16Tax Foundation3$470,131
17Manhattan Institute for Policy Research5$464,300
18Fraser Institute2$415,000
19Clemson University3$360,000
20West Virginia University3$357,325
21American Legislative Exchange Council3$351,740
22Troy University Foundation2$348,500
23Young Americans for Liberty Foundation4$344,645
24Indiana University Foundation2$306,500
25Creighton University1$300,000
26Foundation for Constitutional Government1$300,000
27Jack Miller Center3$292,500
28Utah State University3$280,000
29Troy University1$274,500
30Ohio State University & Foundation2$262,000
31University of North Carolina Chapel Hill2$254,100
32Brooklyn Law School2$250,000
33University of Arizona1$249,520
34George Washington University4$248,062
35Texas Public Policy Foundation2$245,000
36Arizona State University Foundation1$230,700
37Texas A&M University Foundation1$230,000
38Youth Entrepreneurs of Kansas2$200,000
39Baylor University2$183,763
40Americans for Prosperity Foundation2$167,357
41Daily Caller News Foundation4$167,312
42Foundation for Individual Rights in Education3$155,561
43University of Kentucky2$152,500
44Reason Foundation4$134,923
45College of Charleston3$132,000
46Texas Tech University Foundation2$125,000
47Atlas Economic Research Foundation5$118,434
48University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill1$116,800
49Florida Gulf Coast University3$115,500
50McGill University3$112,700
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