Unique recipients Found1,000
Number of Contributions Sorted5,043
Total Value of Contributions$218,461,311
Ordered BySum (High to Low)
Top recipients
Transactions on Record
Total Value of Contributions
1Americans for Prosperity Foundation67$22,008,411
2Cause of Action12$10,300,000
3Mercatus Center63$10,079,250
4Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies68$9,844,600
5Judicial Education Project65$9,442,000
6Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow41$7,839,387
7Institute for Faith Work & Economics13$6,253,000
8Competitive Enterprise Institute83$5,200,550
9Discovery Institute21$4,595,000
10Legacy Foundation9$4,525,000
11Franklin Center for Government & Public Integrity23$4,325,520
12Citizens Against Government Waste8$3,744,400
13Independent Women's Forum27$3,704,104
14Commonwealth Foundation for Public Policy Alternatives24$3,270,250
15National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) Legal Foundation15$3,190,000
16Public Notice Research and Education Fund6$3,119,000
17Donors Capital Fund10$2,793,252
19Project Liberty34$2,489,903
20Institute for Educational Advancement3$2,010,000
21Government Accountability Institute3$2,000,000
22Center for Individual Rights33$1,995,800
23State Policy Network65$1,839,499
24Reason Foundation44$1,502,700
25Sutherland Institute8$1,467,500
26Freedom Works Foundation8$1,418,000
27Institute for Humane Studies89$1,397,900
28Catholic Association Foundation27$1,371,000
29Competitive Governance Institute (Formerly Sam Adams Alliance)10$1,326,604
30Conservative Agenda Project31$1,245,500
31The James Partnership27$1,231,500
32Community Action Centers Project2$1,200,000
33FreedomWorks Foundation24$1,153,423
34Atlas Economic Research Foundation98$1,073,950
35Market Research Foundation3$1,000,000
36Institute for Justice119$968,650
37Institute for the Study of War3$941,555
38Employment Policies Institute Foundation6$925,500
39NFIB Small Business Legal Center5$915,000
40Project Veritas33$907,098
41George Mason University School of Law18$905,000
42NRA Freedom Action Foundation2$870,000
43Consumers' Research17$865,000
44Cato Institute115$826,806
45American Majority17$822,830
46Institute for Energy Research5$809,000
47Independence Institute13$795,866
48Illinois Policy Institute28$794,706
49Texas Public Policy Foundation28$789,600
50John Hancock Committee for The States d/b/a Citizens for Self Governance13$788,916
The contributions documented in Conservative Transparency are based on a review of publicly available filings with the Internal Revenue Service and Federal Election Commission, as well as state-level data from a variety of sources. For more information about our methodology, visit our about page.