Unique donors Found153
Number of Contributions Sorted20,463
Total Value of Contributions$2,769,602,518
Ordered BySum (High to Low)
Top donors
Transactions on Record
Total Value of Contributions
101Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs4$266,480
102Searle Freedom Trust3$250,004
103Mid-America Right to Work7$240,005
105FreedomWorks Foundation7$223,000
107International Policy Network2$202,281
108Judicial Watch12$201,500
109James A Patterson2$200,000
110Clarion Fund1$190,000
111Jaquelin Hume Foundation6$185,000
112Patrick Henry Center for Individual Liberty9$178,445
113David Horowitz Freedom Center5$177,500
114Norfolk Southern2$171,590
115Foundation for Economic Education28$163,728
116Independent Women's Voice3$161,568
117American Civil Rights Union6$157,152
118Exxon Mobil6$155,000
119The Catholic Association1$150,000
120Stanley S. Hubbard2$150,000
121Ave Maria Foundation7$145,573
122Armstrong Foundation40$125,350
123Liberty Initiative Fund2$115,000
124Online Consumers Network2$110,000
125Center for Education Reform1$100,000
126William H. Donner Foundation2$82,500
127National Review Institute5$80,000
128Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship3$79,277
129Chase Foundation of Virginia8$54,000
130William E. Simon Foundation4$50,500
131Advance Arkansas Institute1$50,000
132Fund for American Studies11$47,565
133JM Foundation3$45,000
134American Legislative Exchange Council3$27,500
135The Boeing Company1$25,000
136Institute for Marriage and Public Policy1$25,000
137John M. Olin Foundation1$25,000
138The Shelby Cullom Davis Foundation3$22,000
139CACI International1$20,000
141General Dynamics Corporation1$15,000
142Lockheed Martin1$15,000
144Steuben Foods1$5,000
145General Electric1$5,000
146Neal and Jane Freeman Foundation1$5,000
147Concerned Women for America5$5,000
148Northrop Grumman Corporation1$5,000
149Tepper Family Foundation5$3,485
150Family Research Council1$3,000
The contributions documented in Conservative Transparency are based on a review of publicly available filings with the Internal Revenue Service and Federal Election Commission, as well as state-level data from a variety of sources. For more information about our methodology, visit our about page.