Unique recipients Found94
Number of Contributions Sorted290
Total Value of Contributions$350,928,642
Ordered BySum (High to Low)
Top recipients
Transactions on Record
Total Value of Contributions
51Our Lady of Guadalupe1$5,000
52Church of Our Saviour (New York City)1$5,000
53Congregation for Catholic Education1$5,000
54Northeast Hispanic Catholic Center1$5,000
55Alma Redemptoris Mater1$5,000
56Universite Interdisciplinaire de Paris1$5,000
57Renewal Ministries (Ann Arbor)2$4,000
58National Right to Life Educational Trust Fund1$3,200
59U .S. Embassy1$3,000
60Catholic Relief Services2$2,248
61Care Net1$2,001
62Catholic Medical Association2$2,000
63College of Saint Thomas More1$2,000
64Ministry Potential Discerner1$2,000
65Good Counsel1$2,000
66Institute for Religious Life1$1,160
67Cross International1$1,121
68Capuchin Poor Clare Sisters1$1,000
69Catholic Men's Ministry1$1,000
70Child Abuse and Neglect Center of Oakland1$1,000
71Mary's Children1$1,000
72Christendom College1$1,000
73Priests for Life1$1,000
74College of Saint Mary Magdalen1$1,000
75St. John the Evangelist1$1,000
76Nurturing Network1$1,000
77Roman Catholic Diocese of Lansing1$1,000
78Patrons of the Arts in the Vatican Museums1$1,000
79Roman Catholic Diocese of Fort Portal1$1,000
80Universidad Popular Autonoma del Estado de Puebla1$1,000
81Missionaries of Charity1$596
82St. Vincent de Paul Society1$576
83Association of Baptists for World Evangelism1$500
84Northfield Township1$500
85Problem Pregnancy Help Inc.1$500
86Knights and Ladies of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem1$400
87Pro-Life Action League1$300
88Hoedown Fundraiser1$202
89St. Patrick's Church (Ann Arbor MI)1$200
90Catholics Men's Movement1$147
91St. Nicholas Light Display1$125
92Meals on Wheels (Ypsilanti MI)1$100
93Tuesday Men's Club1$32
94Ave Maria Foundation - Refunded Grants3$-177,798
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