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Total Expenses
12014$2,061,770$1,977,230$1,924,985$10,000$1,691,019View 990
22013$1,811,755$1,899,541$1,783,109$0$1,482,073View 990
32012$1,266,506$1,641,607$1,380,965$0$1,378,329View 990
42011$861,257$1,251,584$1,219,211$0$1,505,064View 990
52010$1,315,736$1,468,241$1,310,811$0$1,395,914View 990
62009$1,236,374$1,935,989$1,777,043$0$1,613,452View 990
72008$858,237$1,741,274$1,569,621$0$1,874,649View 990
82007$1,081,972$1,776,772$1,721,139$0$1,987,488View 990
92006$-726,223$1,826,428$1,790,250$0$2,094,675View 990
102005$-463,173$2,298,788$2,173,029$0$2,803,419View 990
112004$41,481$2,516,085$2,355,169$0$2,661,166View 990
122003$187,083$2,329,212$2,328,868$0$2,734,057View 990
132002$591,928$2,682,427$2,681,863$0$2,146,415View 990

14 transactions on record as a recipient.

Ordered By: Year (Newer to Older)

1Deramus FoundationThomas More Law Center$25,0002012+
2National Christian Charitable FoundationThomas More Law Center$5,0002012+
3DonorsTrustThomas More Law Center$1,0002010+
4DonorsTrustThomas More Law Center$5,0002009+
5DonorsTrustThomas More Law Center$2,5002009+
6Ave Maria FoundationThomas More Law Center$500,0002004+
7Scaife Family FoundationThomas More Law Center$50,0002003+
8Ave Maria FoundationThomas More Law Center$1,003,4842003+
9Dick and Betsy DeVos Family FoundationThomas More Law Center$5,0002002+
10Ave Maria FoundationThomas More Law Center$1,374,7152002+
11Dick and Betsy DeVos Family FoundationThomas More Law Center$10,0002001+
12Ave Maria FoundationThomas More Law Center$1,221,5132001+
13Dick and Betsy DeVos Family FoundationThomas More Law Center$50,0002000+
14Ave Maria FoundationThomas More Law Center$809,8092000+
The transactions in Conservative Transparency are based on information reported by the donors and exclude 'dark money' raised by the recipients from unknown donors that are not in the database. For more information about our methodology, visit our about page.