State Policy Network is a Koch Network-affiliated “free-market” organization uniting 64 state-based member think tanks. Although SPN claims the think tanks under its umbrella operate independently, evidence suggests they regularly coordinate priorities and strategy, launching multi-state campaigns to further conservative policies on issues such as labor, climate change, voting, and education, among others. SPN also boasts over 100 “associate members” that include right-wing groups like Accuracy in Media, ALEC, Americans for Prosperity Foundation, DonorsTrust, and FreedomWorks. While SPN itself brought in around $8 million in 2012, its members’ collective reach is much longer: the Center for Media and Democracy reports combined 2011 fundraising of $83 million, and The New Yorker writes that SPN poured $79 million into state-level conservative policies in that year.

State Policy Network’s biggest funding source since 2007 has been the “donor advised” Donors Capital Fund, a charity that largely obscures the money’s original sources. However, as with its sister organization, Donors Trust, DCF has significant ties to the Koch network run by billionaire brothers Charles and David. The Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation has donated both to SPN itself and to several of its members. Meanwhile, some of SPN’s most notorious members and associate members also have Koch ties in both staff and funding, including: ALEC, AFP, the James Madison Institute, the Texas Public Policy Foundation, Cato Institute, Families Against Mandatory Minimums, Fraser Institute, Institute for Humane Studies, the Mercatus Center, the Heartland Institute, and several others.

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Notable Facts:

  • State Policy Network emerged from a more loosely organized collection of state think tanks called the Madison Group.
  • State Policy Network’s board members include Whitney Ball, the president and CEO of DonorsTrust, and Adam Meyerson, the chairman of Donors Capital Fund and president of Philanthropy Roundtable; all three of those organizations have received significant Koch funding.
  • State Policy Network members submit model legislation to ALEC.

247 transactions on record as a recipient.

Ordered By: Year (Newer to Older)

1Charles G. Koch Charitable FoundationState Policy Network$19,2002014+
2Donors Capital FundState Policy Network$1,080,0002014+
3Donors Capital FundState Policy Network$30,5002014+
4Donors Capital FundState Policy Network$150,0002014+
5Donors Capital FundState Policy Network$375,7002014+
6Donors Capital FundState Policy Network$40,0002014+
7Donors Capital FundState Policy Network$200,0002014+
8Donors Capital FundState Policy Network$61,7502014+
9Donors Capital FundState Policy Network$41,0002014+
10Donors Capital FundState Policy Network$10,0002014+
11Donors Capital FundState Policy Network$4,0002014+
12Donors Capital FundState Policy Network$25,0002014+
13Donors Capital FundState Policy Network$46,2002014+
14Donors Capital FundState Policy Network$132,7002014+
15Donors Capital FundState Policy Network$275,2002014+
16Donors Capital FundState Policy Network$539,8502014+
17Donors Capital FundState Policy Network$76,2002014+
18DonorsTrustState Policy Network$10,0002014+
19DonorsTrustState Policy Network$2,5002014+
20DonorsTrustState Policy Network$2002014+
21DonorsTrustState Policy Network$1,2502014+
22DonorsTrustState Policy Network$2,0002014+
23DonorsTrustState Policy Network$5,0002014+
24DonorsTrustState Policy Network$35,0002014+
25DonorsTrustState Policy Network$437,5992014+
26DonorsTrustState Policy Network$5,0002014+
27DonorsTrustState Policy Network$5,0002014+
28DonorsTrustState Policy Network$1,0002014+
29Atlas Economic Research FoundationState Policy Network$10,0002014+
30DonorsTrustState Policy Network$1,2502013+
31DonorsTrustState Policy Network$250,0002013+
32DonorsTrustState Policy Network$25,0002013+
33DonorsTrustState Policy Network$10,0002013+
34DonorsTrustState Policy Network$2002013+
35DonorsTrustState Policy Network$2,5002013+
36DonorsTrustState Policy Network$2,0002013+
37DonorsTrustState Policy Network$5,0002013+
38John William Pope FoundationState Policy Network$1,0002013+
39John William Pope FoundationState Policy Network$25,0002013+
40The Robertson-Finley FoundationState Policy Network$2,5002013+
41The Rodney FundState Policy Network$13,0002013+
42American Legislative Exchange CouncilState Policy Network$5,0002013+
43Institute for Humane StudiesState Policy Network$60,1332013+
44Donors Capital FundState Policy Network$1,834,5002013+
45Donors Capital FundState Policy Network$40,0002013+
46Donors Capital FundState Policy Network$75,0002013+
47Donors Capital FundState Policy Network$40,0002013+
48Donors Capital FundState Policy Network$39,0002013+
49Donors Capital FundState Policy Network$70,2602013+
50Donors Capital FundState Policy Network$27,0002013+
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