The Republican State Leadership Committee describes itself as “the only national organization whose mission is to elect down-ballot, state-level Republican officeholders.” The RSLC focuses on lieutenant governor, attorney general, secretary of state, state judiciary, and state legislator positions. However, as Politico notes, the Republican Attorneys General Association split off from the RSLC in January 2014 due to “internal tensions” and “a sense among the party’s attorneys general that they deserved greater independence and financial control in the 2014 cycle and beyond.”

The RSLC additionally runs the “Future Majority Project,” focused on recruiting and electing minority candidates, and the “Right Women, Right Now” initiative. According to the RSLC, those two projects combined to receive $6 million in direct support from RSLC in 2014; OpenSecrets notes the group spent nearly $40 million total that cycle. Also under the RSLC is the Judicial Fairness Initiative, a program to elect conservatives to state-level judicial branches. The RSLC additionally administrates the .gop domain level, selling .gop domains to interested candidates and groups, such as, which the site features.

The single largest contributor to the RSLC since its formation after 2002 has been the US Chamber of Commerce, which has given $18,231,810 from the 2004 through the 2014 election cycles. Another major donor has been Sheldon Adelson’s Las Vegas Sands Corporation, which contributed $1,150,750 during the 2014 election, the third highest contribution that year. The Koch brothers’ Koch Industries contributed a total of $640,540 in the 2012 and 2014 cycles, during which it was a major donor (Koch was a contributor at smaller levels in previous cycles, as well). Other contributors include oil & gas companies, the pharmaceutical industry, and major energy/utility companies.

The RSLC’s president is Matt Walter, who formerly worked for the New York State Republican Party. Its chairman is former Florida Attorney General and Congressman Bill McCollum. Former Republican National Committee chair Ed Gillespie serves as Chairman Emeritus after stepping down from his role as chair in a failed bid for a Senate seat in Virginia in 2014.

32 transactions on record as a recipient.

Ordered By: Year (Newer to Older)

1Judicial Crisis NetworkRepublican State Leadership Committee$225,0002013+
2Bob PerryRepublican State Leadership Committee$250,0002012+
3HRC Family Branch PartnershipRepublican State Leadership Committee$50,0002012+
4Alliance Coal LLCRepublican State Leadership Committee$25,0002012+
5Alliance Holdings GPRepublican State Leadership Committee$100,0002012+
6Alliance CoalRepublican State Leadership Committee$25,0002012+
7American Future FundRepublican State Leadership Committee$1,185,0002012+
8American Petroleum InstituteRepublican State Leadership Committee$75,0002012+
9American Justice PartnershipRepublican State Leadership Committee$1,110,0002012+
10American Natural Gas AllianceRepublican State Leadership Committee$200,0002012+
11American Natural Gas AllianceRepublican State Leadership Committee$107,5002011+
12Las Vegas SandsRepublican State Leadership Committee$50,0002011+
13Las Vegas SandsRepublican State Leadership Committee$50,0002011+
14Las Vegas SandsRepublican State Leadership Committee$50,0002011+
15American Justice PartnershipRepublican State Leadership Committee$1,675,0002010+
16American Natural Gas AllianceRepublican State Leadership Committee$50,0002010+
17Alliance Resources SGP Land LLCRepublican State Leadership Committee$45,0002010+
18Contran CorporationRepublican State Leadership Committee$10,0002010+
19American Justice PartnershipRepublican State Leadership Committee$825,0002009+
20Contran CorporationRepublican State Leadership Committee$10,0002009+
21American Justice PartnershipRepublican State Leadership Committee$150,0002008+
22Stephen WynnRepublican State Leadership Committee$5,0002008+
23Contran CorporationRepublican State Leadership Committee$20,0002008+
24Contran CorporationRepublican State Leadership Committee$25,0002007+
25Contran CorporationRepublican State Leadership Committee$25,0002007+
26Contran CorporationRepublican State Leadership Committee$10,0002007+
27Contran CorporationRepublican State Leadership Committee$25,0002006+
28Contran CorporationRepublican State Leadership Committee$25,0002005+
29Contran CorporationRepublican State Leadership Committee$25,0002004+
30Contran CorporationRepublican State Leadership Committee$25,0002003+
31Venetian Casino ResortRepublican State Leadership Committee$5,0002003+
32Venetian Casino ResortRepublican State Leadership Committee$5,0002003+
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