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12013$36,622$661,260$621,259$0$710,251View 990
22012$77,659$693,212$670,086$0$711,650View 990
32011$104,328$716,761$702,721$0$855,821View 990
42010$296,968$1,071,606$1,010,575$0$1,153,631View 990
52009$318,381$1,306,093$1,110,706$0$1,291,520View 990
62007$36,365$704,161$720,797$0$720,998View 990
72006$10,993$514,023$504,148$0$569,059View 990
82005$36,058$345,147$335,697$0$375,965View 990
92004$34,779$226,626$230,766$0$201,946View 990
102003$12,067$158,419$150,700$0$151,804View 990

54 transactions on record as a recipient.

Ordered By: Year (Newer to Older)

1Donors Capital FundMaine Heritage Policy Center$3,5002014+
2Donors Capital FundMaine Heritage Policy Center$25,0002014+
3State Policy NetworkMaine Heritage Policy Center$50,0002013+
4EdChoice (Formerly Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice)Maine Heritage Policy Center$40,0002013+
5Donors Capital FundMaine Heritage Policy Center$20,0002013+
6Neal and Jane Freeman FoundationMaine Heritage Policy Center$10,0002012+
7The Roe FoundationMaine Heritage Policy Center$20,0002012+
8Jaquelin Hume FoundationMaine Heritage Policy Center$30,0002012+
9State Policy NetworkMaine Heritage Policy Center$5,0002012+
10Donors Capital FundMaine Heritage Policy Center$20,0002012+
11Donors Capital FundMaine Heritage Policy Center$20,0002012+
12Donors Capital FundMaine Heritage Policy Center$40,0002012+
13Donors Capital FundMaine Heritage Policy Center$30,0002012+
14Jaquelin Hume FoundationMaine Heritage Policy Center$30,0002011+
15Neal and Jane Freeman FoundationMaine Heritage Policy Center$10,0002011+
16Donors Capital FundMaine Heritage Policy Center$30,0002011+
17Donors Capital FundMaine Heritage Policy Center$10,0002011+
18Donors Capital FundMaine Heritage Policy Center$17,5002011+
19Donors Capital FundMaine Heritage Policy Center$17,5002011+
20The Roe FoundationMaine Heritage Policy Center$25,0002011+
21Donors Capital FundMaine Heritage Policy Center$293,2812010+
22DonorsTrustMaine Heritage Policy Center$7,5002010+
23Jaquelin Hume FoundationMaine Heritage Policy Center$30,0002010+
24State Policy NetworkMaine Heritage Policy Center$31,0002010+
25The Roe FoundationMaine Heritage Policy Center$25,0002010+
26Castle Rock FoundationMaine Heritage Policy Center$25,0002009+
27Donors Capital FundMaine Heritage Policy Center$671,2002009+
28Jaquelin Hume FoundationMaine Heritage Policy Center$25,0002009+
29Neal and Jane Freeman FoundationMaine Heritage Policy Center$20,0002009+
30State Policy NetworkMaine Heritage Policy Center$5,0002009+
31State Policy NetworkMaine Heritage Policy Center$50,0002009+
32State Policy NetworkMaine Heritage Policy Center$30,0002009+
33The Roe FoundationMaine Heritage Policy Center$25,0002009+
34Donors Capital FundMaine Heritage Policy Center$573,1002008+
35Jaquelin Hume FoundationMaine Heritage Policy Center$25,0002008+
36Neal and Jane Freeman FoundationMaine Heritage Policy Center$20,0002008+
37State Policy NetworkMaine Heritage Policy Center$30,0002008+
38The Roe FoundationMaine Heritage Policy Center$20,0002008+
39Donors Capital FundMaine Heritage Policy Center$221,4002007+
40Jaquelin Hume FoundationMaine Heritage Policy Center$25,0002007+
41JM FoundationMaine Heritage Policy Center$30,0002007+
42State Policy NetworkMaine Heritage Policy Center$5,0002007+
43The Roe FoundationMaine Heritage Policy Center$15,0002007+
44EdChoice (Formerly Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice)Maine Heritage Policy Center$1,0002007+
45The Roe FoundationMaine Heritage Policy Center$10,0002006+
46Heartland InstituteMaine Heritage Policy Center$50,0002006+
47Cato InstituteMaine Heritage Policy Center$50,0002006+
48Donors Capital FundMaine Heritage Policy Center$50,0002005+
49Neal and Jane Freeman FoundationMaine Heritage Policy Center$10,0002005+
50The Roe FoundationMaine Heritage Policy Center$10,0002005+
The transactions in Conservative Transparency are based on information reported by the donors and exclude 'dark money' raised by the recipients from unknown donors that are not in the database. For more information about our methodology, visit our about page.