132 transactions on record as a recipient.

Ordered By: Year (Newer to Older)

101Donors Capital FundDonorsTrust$2,005,0002010+
102Richard and Helen DeVos Foundation / DeVos Urban Leadership InitiativeDonorsTrust$1,500,0002010+
103John William Pope FoundationDonorsTrust$10,0002010+
104Philanthropy RoundtableDonorsTrust$250,0002010+
105Barney Family FoundationDonorsTrust$100,0002010+
106Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and LibertyDonorsTrust$83,7002010+
107The Lynde and Harry Bradley FoundationDonorsTrust$25,0002010+
108John Dawson FoundationDonorsTrust$55,3002010+
109Donors Capital FundDonorsTrust$1,800,0002009+
110Holman FoundationDonorsTrust$20,0002009+
111Lovett and Ruth Peters FoundationDonorsTrust$225,0002009+
112Barney Family FoundationDonorsTrust$100,0002009+
113Richard and Helen DeVos Foundation / DeVos Urban Leadership InitiativeDonorsTrust$1,000,0002009+
114Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and LibertyDonorsTrust$18,3002009+
115Lillian S. Wells FoundationDonorsTrust$25,0002009+
116The Lynde and Harry Bradley FoundationDonorsTrust$25,0002009+
117The Lynde and Harry Bradley FoundationDonorsTrust$500,0002009+
118Donors Capital FundDonorsTrust$1,527,5002008+
119Holman FoundationDonorsTrust$20,0002008+
120Donors Capital FundDonorsTrust$697,5002007+
121Holman FoundationDonorsTrust$20,2512007+
122The Lynde and Harry Bradley FoundationDonorsTrust$25,0002007+
123The Lynde and Harry Bradley FoundationDonorsTrust$40,0002007+
124Ruth & Lovett Peters FoundationDonorsTrust$25,0002007+
125Holman FoundationDonorsTrust$20,0622006+
126Donors Capital FundDonorsTrust$25,0002005+
127Donors Capital FundDonorsTrust$25,0002004+
128Donors Capital FundDonorsTrust$25,0002003+
129The Lynde and Harry Bradley FoundationDonorsTrust$5,0002003+
130Donors Capital FundDonorsTrust$25,0002002+
131The Lynde and Harry Bradley FoundationDonorsTrust$5,0002002+
132The Lynde and Harry Bradley FoundationDonorsTrust$25,0002001+
The transactions in Conservative Transparency are based on information reported by the donors and exclude 'dark money' raised by the recipients from unknown donors that are not in the database. For more information about our methodology, visit our about page.