36 transactions on record as a recipient.

Ordered By: Year (Newer to Older)

1Robert McNairDewhurst for TexasDavid Dewhurst$-2,5002013+
2Janice McNairDewhurst for TexasDavid Dewhurst$-2,5002013+
3Stephen WynnDewhurst for TexasDavid Dewhurst$-2,5002012+
4Stephen WynnDewhurst for TexasDavid Dewhurst$2,5002012+
5Stephen WynnDewhurst for TexasDavid Dewhurst$-2,5002012+
6Stephen WynnDewhurst for TexasDavid Dewhurst$2,5002012+
7Stephen WynnDewhurst for TexasDavid Dewhurst$5,0002012+
8Stephen WynnDewhurst for TexasDavid Dewhurst$5,0002012+
9Bob PerryDewhurst for TexasDavid Dewhurst$-2,5002012+
10Bob PerryDewhurst for TexasDavid Dewhurst$2,5002012+
11Bob PerryDewhurst for TexasDavid Dewhurst$-2,5002012+
12Doylene PerryDewhurst for TexasDavid Dewhurst$-2,5002012+
13Doylene PerryDewhurst for TexasDavid Dewhurst$2,5002012+
14Robert McNairDewhurst for TexasDavid Dewhurst$-2,5002012+
15Robert McNairDewhurst for TexasDavid Dewhurst$2,5002012+
16Janice McNairDewhurst for TexasDavid Dewhurst$-2,5002012+
17Janice McNairDewhurst for TexasDavid Dewhurst$2,5002012+
18Doylene PerryDewhurst for TexasDavid Dewhurst$-2,5002011+
19Doylene PerryDewhurst for TexasDavid Dewhurst$2,5002011+
20Doylene PerryDewhurst for TexasDavid Dewhurst$2,5002011+
21Doylene PerryDewhurst for TexasDavid Dewhurst$2,5002011+
22Bob PerryDewhurst for TexasDavid Dewhurst$-2,5002011+
23Bob PerryDewhurst for TexasDavid Dewhurst$2,5002011+
24Bob PerryDewhurst for TexasDavid Dewhurst$2,5002011+
25Bob PerryDewhurst for TexasDavid Dewhurst$2,5002011+
26Robert McNairDewhurst for TexasDavid Dewhurst$5,0002011+
27Robert McNairDewhurst for TexasDavid Dewhurst$-2,5002011+
28Robert McNairDewhurst for TexasDavid Dewhurst$2,5002011+
29Janice McNairDewhurst for TexasDavid Dewhurst$5,0002011+
30Janice McNairDewhurst for TexasDavid Dewhurst$-2,5002011+
31Robert RowlingDewhurst for TexasDavid Dewhurst$2,5002011+
32Annette SimmonsDewhurst for Texas$5,0002011+
33Harold SimmonsDewhurst for Texas$5,0002011+
34Annette SimmonsDewhurst for Texas$2,5002011+
35Harold SimmonsDewhurst for Texas$2,5002011+
36Harold SimmonsDewhurst for Texas$5,0002011+
The transactions in Conservative Transparency are based on information reported by the donors and exclude 'dark money' raised by the recipients from unknown donors that are not in the database. For more information about our methodology, visit our about page.