The Beacon Center of Tennessee is a member of the Koch-incubated State Policy Network, an organization of state-level think-tanks that promote conservative policy.  The Beacon Center “promotes personal freedom and limited government” with policy solutions focusing on “reduced tax and regulatory burdens,” “healthcare solutions that restore dignity and encourage personal responsibility,” and “empowering parents, students, and teachers with choices and opportunities.”

The Beacon Center’s Board of Directors is composed almost exclusively of some of Tennessee’s prominent business executives, including senior executives at ADS Security, Tractor Supply Co., Beaman Automotive Group, and Lauren Templeton Capital Management.  Director of Policy Lindsay Boyd has spent a career “advancing initiatives aimed at derailing the growth of government,” including managing outreach for the Sean Hannity Freedom Concerts, and President and CEO Justin Owen lists among his accomplishments “the repeal of collective bargaining by government unions” as well as the repeal of Tennessee’s Estate Tax.

  • After Tennessee voters banned a state income tax in 2014, the Beacon Center “declared victory at the ballot box.”
  • The Beacon Center regularly decries the “creeping” influence of unions.  In one post, Owen notes, “We’ve been sounding the alarm that the [United Auto Workers] will stop at nothing to fund its radical political agenda.”
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12014$659,826$957,689$940,126$0$775,285View 990
22013$446,853$1,223,641$1,223,175$0$1,079,678View 990
32012$302,890$481,990$480,727$0$458,311View 990
42011$279,211$527,219$526,042$0$536,835View 990
52010$283,244$608,125$606,769$0$360,582View 990
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102005$28,235$104,908$104,908$0$76,673View 990

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1State Policy NetworkBeacon Center of Tennessee$40,0002014+
2EdChoice (Formerly Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice)Beacon Center of Tennessee$76,0002014+
3Donors Capital FundBeacon Center of Tennessee$3,5002014+
4Donors Capital FundBeacon Center of Tennessee$3,5002014+
5Donors Capital FundBeacon Center of Tennessee$30,0002014+
6Donors Capital FundBeacon Center of Tennessee$4,2502014+
7Donors Capital FundBeacon Center of Tennessee$1,0002014+
8Donors Capital FundBeacon Center of Tennessee$16,0002013+
9Donors Capital FundBeacon Center of Tennessee$2,5002013+
10Donors Capital FundBeacon Center of Tennessee$9,0002013+
11Donors Capital FundBeacon Center of Tennessee$30,0002013+
12State Policy NetworkBeacon Center of Tennessee$5,0002012+
13Donors Capital FundBeacon Center of Tennessee$40,0002012+
14Donors Capital FundBeacon Center of Tennessee$40,0002012+
15Donors Capital FundBeacon Center of Tennessee$27,5002012+
16Donors Capital FundBeacon Center of Tennessee$27,5002012+
17Donors Capital FundBeacon Center of Tennessee$2,0002012+
18EdChoice (Formerly Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice)Beacon Center of Tennessee$140,0002012+
19The Roe FoundationBeacon Center of Tennessee$20,0002012+
20Walton Family FoundationBeacon Center of Tennessee$75,0002012+
21Donors Capital FundBeacon Center of Tennessee$30,0002011+
22Donors Capital FundBeacon Center of Tennessee$20,0002011+
23Donors Capital FundBeacon Center of Tennessee$25,0002011+
24Donors Capital FundBeacon Center of Tennessee$30,0002011+
25Donors Capital FundBeacon Center of Tennessee$200,0002010+
26DonorsTrustBeacon Center of Tennessee$25,0002010+
27DonorsTrustBeacon Center of Tennessee$7,5002010+
28The Roe FoundationBeacon Center of Tennessee$20,0002010+
29Castle Rock FoundationBeacon Center of Tennessee$10,0002009+
30Jaquelin Hume FoundationBeacon Center of Tennessee$18,7502009+
31The Roe FoundationBeacon Center of Tennessee$30,0002009+
32Jaquelin Hume FoundationBeacon Center of Tennessee$15,0002008+
33The Roe FoundationBeacon Center of Tennessee$25,0002008+
34The Roe FoundationBeacon Center of Tennessee$20,0002007+
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