24 transactions on record as a recipient.

Ordered By: Contribution (High to Low)

1Crossroads GPSAmericans for Tax Reform$26,400,0002012+
2Center to Protect Patient RightsAmericans for Tax Reform$4,189,0002010+
3Crossroads GPSAmericans for Tax Reform$4,000,0002010+
4Free Enterprise AmericaAmericans for Tax Reform$813,0002011+
5Center to Protect Patient RightsAmericans for Tax Reform$350,0002012+
6Reynolds AmericanAmericans for Tax Reform$175,0002012+
7Freedom PartnersAmericans for Tax Reform$100,0002014+
8PhRMAAmericans for Tax Reform$75,0002010+
9MyWireless.orgAmericans for Tax Reform$25,0002012+
10MyWireless.orgAmericans for Tax Reform$25,0002011+
11Americans for Limited GovernmentAmericans for Tax Reform$20,0002008+
12MyWireless.orgAmericans for Tax Reform$15,0002009+
13MyWireless.orgAmericans for Tax Reform$15,0002006+
14MyWireless.orgAmericans for Tax Reform$15,0002010+
15The Roe FoundationAmericans for Tax Reform$5,0002006+
16The Roe FoundationAmericans for Tax Reform$5,0002005+
17The Roe FoundationAmericans for Tax Reform$5,0002004+
18The Roe FoundationAmericans for Tax Reform$5,0002003+
19The Roe FoundationAmericans for Tax Reform$5,0002000+
20The Roe FoundationAmericans for Tax Reform$5,0001998+
21Ruth & Lovett Peters FoundationAmericans for Tax Reform$5,0002002+
22Ruth & Lovett Peters FoundationAmericans for Tax Reform$5,0002003+
23Americans for Limited Government FoundationAmericans for Tax Reform$5,0002008+
24Dunn's Foundation for the Advancement of Right ThinkingAmericans for Tax Reform$2,5002013+
The transactions in Conservative Transparency are based on information reported by the donors and exclude 'dark money' raised by the recipients from unknown donors that are not in the database. For more information about our methodology, visit our about page.