America Abroad Media (AAM) is a non-profit media organization that “produces programming that promotes the free exchange of ideas, fosters critical thinking, and empowers self-governing citizens worldwide.” However, the organization receives significant funding from donors that traditionally support very conservative causes.  One profile of the Stuart Family Foundation suggests that AAM is “engaged in the ‘battle of ideas’ in the United States and overseas,” suggesting that AAM is meant to combat “Anti-Americanism” that is “rampant in the Muslim world and an obstacle to reform efforts.”

To do so, the profile says that AAM “produces, among other things, televised international town hall meetings between the United States and Islamic nations… ‘The idea is to promote a constructive discussion where America has an opportunity to present itself.’”

The organization came under fire in 2013 by media watchdog FAIR for a program that FAIR said “sounded like an infomercial for the natural gas ‘fracking’ industry” which FAIR argued failed to devote any time to concerns about fracking, thanks to the funding of the show by pro-fossil fuel groups.

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12012$509,678$4,051,292$4,019,600$0$3,262,438View 990
22011$-279,176$3,095,175$3,094,643$0$3,254,808View 990
32010$-119,543$1,432,948$1,428,256$0$2,135,870View 990
42009$583,379$1,780,806$1,767,722$0$2,349,841View 990
52008$1,152,416$1,317,402$1,313,807$0$2,112,700View 990
62006$294,921$881,887$881,950$0$966,625View 990
72005$143,833$454,396$453,500$0$620,713View 990
82004$310,150$845,002$844$0$572,734View 990
92003$37,882$188,445$188,245$0$244,914View 990
102002$260,000$260,891$260,000$0$166,540View 990

28 transactions on record as a recipient.

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1Smith Richardson FoundationAmerica Abroad Media$100,0002012+
2Stuart Family FoundationAmerica Abroad Media$150,0002012+
3Smith Richardson FoundationAmerica Abroad Media$150,0002011+
4Smith Richardson FoundationAmerica Abroad Media$500,0002011+
5Stuart Family FoundationAmerica Abroad Media$100,0002011+
6Stuart Family FoundationAmerica Abroad Media$50,0002011+
7Diana Davis Spencer FoundationAmerica Abroad Media$2,0002010+
8Smith Richardson FoundationAmerica Abroad Media$300,0002010+
9Smith Richardson FoundationAmerica Abroad Media$150,0002010+
10John Templeton FoundationAmerica Abroad Media$26,4682010+
11Stuart Family FoundationAmerica Abroad Media$175,0002010+
12Diana Davis Spencer FoundationAmerica Abroad Media$2,0002009+
13Exxon MobilAmerica Abroad Media$50,0002009+
14Smith Richardson FoundationAmerica Abroad Media$300,0002009+
15Smith Richardson FoundationAmerica Abroad Media$175,0002009+
16John Templeton FoundationAmerica Abroad Media$238,2042009+
17John Templeton FoundationAmerica Abroad Media$75,2672009+
18Stuart Family FoundationAmerica Abroad Media$150,0002009+
19Diana Davis Spencer FoundationAmerica Abroad Media$10,0002008+
20Newton and Rochelle Becker Charitable TrustAmerica Abroad Media$10,0002008+
21Stuart Family FoundationAmerica Abroad Media$150,0002008+
22Smith Richardson FoundationAmerica Abroad Media$350,0002007+
23Smith Richardson FoundationAmerica Abroad Media$262,6802007+
24The Shelby Cullom Davis FoundationAmerica Abroad Media$15,0002007+
25Stuart Family FoundationAmerica Abroad Media$150,0002007+
26Smith Richardson FoundationAmerica Abroad Media$49,9502006+
27Stuart Family FoundationAmerica Abroad Media$50,0002006+
28Smith Richardson FoundationAmerica Abroad Media$300,0002005+
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