The Senate Leadership Fund is an offshoot of Karl Rove’s American Crossroadsempire.” As a 527 super PAC, SLF works alongside its affiliated “dark money” non-profit, One Nation, to defend Republican-held Senate seats. Its website states that “the Senate Leadership Fund has one goal: to protect and expand the Republican Senate Majority when Harry Reid, Elizabeth Warren and their army of left-wing activists try to take it back in 2016.  With a Republican President, Senate and House in 2016, we will undo President Obama’s damage and restore prosperity and freedom to America.”

The Senate Leadership Fund “aims to be the go-to destination for major Republican donors interested in Senate races” and is “devoted solely to retaining the Senate majority.” By devoting their resources exclusively to Senate races, SLF and One Nation serve to allow American Crossroads & Crossroads GPS to remain “mostly focused on the presidential campaign – in particular, on bludgeoning likely Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.” To that end, Senate Leadership Fund and American Crossroads intend to “coordinate advertising purchases, messaging and fund-raising efforts.”

The organization, like the rest of the Crossroads “constellation” is helmed by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s former Chief of Staff, Steven Law.  The relationship works in mutually beneficial directions; Law and Rove seek to help McConnell retain his majority, while McConnell “signaled that his own leadership PAC would contribute” to SLF. SLF has indicated that “it would not rule out intervening in primaries or backing candidates for open seats in its quest to preserve Republican control of the Senate.”

Like American Crossroads, the Senate Leadership Fund is allowed to accept unlimited contributions.

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