118 transactions on record as a donor.

Ordered By: Year (Newer to Older)

1Paul E. Singer FoundationMentoring in Medicine$10,0002012+
2Paul E. Singer FoundationMental Health Association of Westchester$20,0002012+
3Paul E. Singer FoundationMarine Corps - Law Enforcement Foundation$50,0002012+
4Paul E. Singer FoundationManhattan Institute for Policy Research$600,0002012+
5Paul E. Singer FoundationMake-A-Wish Foundation of Metro New York$5,0002012+
6Paul E. Singer FoundationLos Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center$500,0002012+
7Paul E. Singer FoundationLagond Music School$10,0002012+
8Paul E. Singer FoundationChabad Jewish Community Center$25,0002012+
9Paul E. Singer FoundationJewish Braille Institute International$25,0002012+
10Paul E. Singer FoundationIsraelPromise$500,0002012+
11Paul E. Singer FoundationIntelligence Squared US$35,0002012+
12Paul E. Singer FoundationHoward University College of Medicine$5,0002012+
13Paul E. Singer FoundationHarlem Village Academies$50,0002012+
14Paul E. Singer FoundationHarlem Children's Zone$50,0002012+
15Paul E. Singer FoundationGurwin Jewish Healthcare Foundation$50,0002012+
16Paul E. Singer FoundationGreenwich House$75,0002012+
17Paul E. Singer FoundationFriends of the Israel Defense Force$36,0002012+
18Paul E. Singer FoundationFoundation for Educating Children with Autism$6,0002012+
19Paul E. Singer FoundationFacing History and Ourselves$100,0002012+
20Paul E. Singer FoundationEthics and Public Policy Center$138,0002012+
21Paul E. Singer FoundationDonorsTrust$1,155,6052012+
22Paul E. Singer FoundationCopland House$5,0002012+
23Paul E. Singer FoundationCombined Jewish Philanthropies of Boston$250,0002012+
24Paul E. Singer FoundationChildren's Museum of Manhattan$25,0002012+
25Paul E. Singer FoundationCareers Through Culinary Arts Program (C-CAP)$10,0002012+
26Paul E. Singer FoundationThe Bachman-Strauss Dystronia & Parkinson Foundation$20,0002012+
27Paul E. Singer FoundationThe Brotherhood SisterSol$75,0002012+
28Paul E. Singer FoundationBoston University School of Social Work$3,0002012+
29Paul E. Singer FoundationBlythedale Children's Hospital$10,0002012+
30Paul E. Singer FoundationBirthright Israel Foundation$1,000,0002012+
31Paul E. Singer FoundationBBYO (B'nai B'rith Youth Organization)$400,0002012+
32Paul E. Singer FoundationAtlas Economic Research Foundation$25,0002012+
33Paul E. Singer FoundationAmerican Israel Education Foundation$1,000,0002012+
34Paul E. Singer FoundationAmerican Friends of Yahad In Unum$50,0002012+
35Paul E. Singer FoundationAmerican Friends of the Hebrew University$10,0002012+
36Paul E. Singer FoundationAmerican Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research$712,0002012+
37Paul E. Singer FoundationAmerica Israel Friendship League$50,0002012+
38Paul E. Singer FoundationAish HaTorah$75,0002012+
39Paul E. Singer FoundationMiddle East Media Research Institute$275,0002012+
40Paul E. Singer FoundationMilitary Families United$250,0002012+
41Paul E. Singer FoundationMoving Picture Institute$100,0002012+
42Paul E. Singer FoundationMultiple Myeloma Research Foundation$5,0002012+
43Paul E. Singer FoundationNational Gay and Lesbian Task Force Foundation$100,0002012+
44Paul E. Singer FoundationNew York City Police Foundation$25,0002012+
45Paul E. Singer FoundationNew York Historical Society$65,0002012+
46Paul E. Singer FoundationOhr Torah Stone$280,0002012+
47Paul E. Singer FoundationPhilanthropy Roundtable$25,0002012+
48Paul E. Singer FoundationPolice Athletic League NYC$25,0002012+
49Paul E. Singer FoundationPrep for Prep$50,0002012+
50Paul E. Singer FoundationREPORT Inc.$100,0002012+
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