NumbersUSA is one of three “immigration-restriction organizations” founded by John Tanton which the Southern Poverty Law Center refers to collectively as the “nativist lobby.” Alongside the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) and the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), NumbersUSA seeks to promote Tanton’s philosophy that a “European-American majority” is necessary to maintain American culture. NumbersUSA claims their stand for decreased immigration emerges from “environmental concerns” and “wage depreciation.”

NumbersUSA, which serves as the grassroots organizer of the network, describes itself somewhat differently – as “a civil forum for Americans of all political and ethnic backgrounds to focus on a single issue, the numerical level of U.S. immigration.” NumbersUSA claims to disavow “immigrant bashing” or any judgments of immigrants based on their race or nationality; it also claims to have been founded by “veteran journalist” Roy Beck.

In reality, as SPLC explains, NumbersUSA “was for the first five years of its existence a program of U.S. Inc., a foundation run by Tanton to fund numerous nativist groups, and its leader was an employee of that foundation for a decade.” Beck “edited a book by Tanton… that was banned by the Canadian border officials as hate literature.”

Despite these extremist ties, NumbersUSA has achieved “dramatic policy successes,” including helping to “doom comprehensive immigration reform that had bipartisan support and had been expected by many observers to pass” in June 2007..” In 2007, the New York Times noted that NumbersUSA’s membership had ballooned from around 50,000 in 2004 to 447,000 in that year. As of October 2015, they claim “more than three million participants.” However, Right Wing Watch noted that a December 2014 “rally” billing “50 sheriffs convening in Washington to lobby against the president’s immigration action” in all actuality “drew fewer than 10 people,” apparently none of them sheriffs.

The group has made extreme opposition to any pro-immigrant policy its calling card. In a November 2014 interview, NumbersUSA Director of Government Relations Rosemary Jenks argued that allowing “Dreamers” – undocumented immigrants who were brought to the US as children and were covered under President Barack Obama’s DACA policy – to serve in the military would be an “unbelievably dangerous” and “unconscionable” action by a President “intent on decimating our military in every way possible.” The group has also attacked Sen. Marco Rubio for his comprehensive immigration reform bill (which he has since turned against), saying that it “poisoned the well.”

NumbersUSA claims that “nearly all funding for NumbersUSA Action comes from individuals giving $10, $25 and $100 donations over the internet.” However, the facts belie this claim. NumbersUSA receives massive, regular donations from a variety of conservative family foundations, including the Scaife Family Foundation, the Colcom Foundation, and the Sarah Scaife Foundation. Additionally, the organization receives significant funding from DonorsTrust, a donor-advised fund affiliated with the Koch brothers. DonorsTrust contributed $750,000 to NumbersUSA in 2013 alone.

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22013$1,486,049$1,807,665$1,804,861$0$1,991,336View 990
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101 transactions on record as a recipient, filed under these 2 entities:

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1National Christian Charitable FoundationNumbersUSA Education and Research Foundation$205,0002014+
5Colcom FoundationNumbersUSA Education and Research Foundation$1,060,0002013+
6Colcom FoundationNumbersUSA Education and Research Foundation$2,235,0002013+
7Colcom FoundationNumbersUSA Education and Research Foundation$100,0002012+
8Colcom FoundationNumbersUSA Education and Research Foundation$370,0002012+
9Colcom FoundationNumbersUSA Education and Research Foundation$800,0002012+
10Colcom FoundationNumbersUSA Education and Research Foundation$2,235,0002012+
11Colcom FoundationNumbersUSA Education and Research Foundation$235,0002012+
12Sarah Scaife FoundationNumbersUSA Education and Research Foundation$40,0002012+
13Scaife Family FoundationNumbersUSA$75,0002012+
14Diana Davis Spencer FoundationNumbersUSA Education and Research Foundation$10,0002012+
15National Christian Charitable FoundationNumbersUSA Education and Research Foundation$100,0002012+
16Colcom FoundationNumbersUSA$45,0002011+
17Colcom FoundationNumbersUSA$500,0002011+
18Colcom FoundationNumbersUSA$300,0002011+
19Colcom FoundationNumbersUSA$901,0692011+
20Colcom FoundationNumbersUSA$150,0002011+
21Colcom FoundationNumbersUSA$1,200,0002011+
22Diana Davis Spencer FoundationNumbersUSA Education and Research Foundation$25,0002011+
23Sarah Scaife FoundationNumbersUSA$37,5002011+
24Scaife Family FoundationNumbersUSA$75,0002011+
25Armstrong FoundationNumbersUSA$5,0002010+
26Colcom FoundationNumbersUSA$40,0002010+
27Colcom FoundationNumbersUSA$40,0002010+
28Colcom FoundationNumbersUSA$45,0002010+
29Colcom FoundationNumbersUSA$157,0002010+
30Colcom FoundationNumbersUSA$300,0002010+
31Colcom FoundationNumbersUSA$1,200,0002010+
32Diana Davis Spencer FoundationNumbersUSA Education and Research Foundation$25,0002010+
33The Carthage FoundationNumbersUSA$37,5002010+
34Armstrong FoundationNumbersUSA$5,0002009+
35Colcom FoundationNumbersUSA$300,0002009+
36Colcom FoundationNumbersUSA$40,0002009+
37Colcom FoundationNumbersUSA$45,0002009+
38Colcom FoundationNumbersUSA$900,0002009+
39Colcom FoundationNumbersUSA$465,0002009+
40Colcom FoundationNumbersUSA$500,0002009+
41Sarah Scaife FoundationNumbersUSA$37,5002009+
42Scaife Family FoundationNumbersUSA$75,0002009+
47Armstrong FoundationNumbersUSA$10,0002008+
48Colcom FoundationNumbersUSA$150,0002008+
49Colcom FoundationNumbersUSA$240,0002008+
50Colcom FoundationNumbersUSA$300,0002008+
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