1,883 transactions on record as a donor.

Ordered By: Year (Newer to Older)

1Koch Industries PACAlamo PAC$5,0002016+
2Koch Industries PACAustin Scott for Congress$1,0002016+
3Koch Industries PACBill PAC$5,0002016+
4Koch Industries PACFriends of Erik Paulsen$2,0002016+
5Koch Industries PACFriends of Erik Paulsen$5002016+
6Koch Industries PACJim Jordan for Congress$1,0002016+
7Koch Industries PACMullin for Congress$1,0002016+
8Koch Industries PACNational Republican Senatorial Committee$15,0002016+
9Koch Industries PACAngie C. Button$2,0002016+
10Koch Industries PACCharlie Green$3,0002016+
11Koch Industries PACCindy Burkett$2,0002016+
12Koch Industries PACDan Flynn$2,0002016+
13Koch Industries PACDoug Miller$2,0002016+
14Koch Industries PACGuzman for Texas Supreme Court$3,0002016+
15Koch Industries PACJodie Laubenberg$2,0002016+
16Koch Industries PACJudge Paul Green for Texas Supreme Court$3,0002016+
17Koch Industries PACRon Simmons$2,0002016+
18Koch Industries PACStuart K. Spitzer$1,0002016+
19Koch Industries PACTexans for Jason Villalba$2,0002016+
20Koch Industries PACWayne Smith$2,0002016+
21Koch Industries PACWorkman for Texas$3,0002016+
22Koch Industries PACAmerican Forest & Paper Association PAC$5,0002016+
23Koch Industries PACBlum for Congress$4,0002016+
24Koch Industries PACBuck for Colorado 2016$2,0002016+
25Koch Industries PACCathy McMorris Rodgers for Congress$2,5002016+
26Koch Industries PACCommon Values PAC$5,0002016+
27Koch Industries PACDavid Rouzer for Congress$1,0002016+
28Koch Industries PACDefending and Investing in America's New Endeavors PAC$2,5002016+
29Koch Industries PACDevin Nunes Campaign Committee$4,5002016+
30Koch Industries PACEmmer for Congress$1,0002016+
31Koch Industries PACFriends of Erik Paulsen$1,0002016+
32Koch Industries PACFriends of Jason Chaffetz$2,5002016+
33Koch Industries PACFund for a Conservative Future$5,0002016+
34Koch Industries PACHouse Conservatives Fund$5,0002016+
35Koch Industries PACJason Smith for Congress$2,5002016+
36Koch Industries PACJobs Economy and Budget Fund$5,0002016+
37Koch Industries PACJody Hice for Congress$1,0002016+
38Koch Industries PACKenny Marchant for Congress$1,5002016+
39Koch Industries PACMcCaul for Congress$3,0002016+
40Koch Industries PACMcClintock for Congress$2,5002016+
41Koch Industries PACMichael Burgess for Congress$5,0002016+
42Koch Industries PACNew Pioneers PAC$1,5002016+
43Koch Industries PACNational Republican Congressional Committee$15,0002016+
44Koch Industries PACNational Republican Congressional Committee$45,0002016+
45Koch Industries PACNational Republican Senatorial Committee$45,0002016+
46Koch Industries PACPete Sessions for Congress$2,5002016+
47Koch Industries PACPeterson for Congress$1,0002016+
48Koch Industries PACPreserving America's Traditions$1,0002016+
49Koch Industries PACPrice for Congress$1,5002016+
50Koch Industries PACProject West Political Action Committee$1,0002016+
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