Freedom Partners Action Fund is an independent expenditure group created by billionaire industrialists Charles and David Koch. Unlike the Koch’s many other “issue-specific” dark-money outfits, Freedom Partners Action Fund, as a super PAC, can directly campaign for and against candidates with the caveat that it must also disclose its donors to the Federal Election Commission. Marc Short, a Koch political functionary, told Politico that the group “will support candidates who share our vision of free markets and a free society and oppose candidates who support intrusive government policies that push the American Dream out of reach for the American people.”

The PAC, started in June 2014, and affiliated with Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce, a 501(c)(6) that spent $236 million in the 2012 election, intends to dole out at least $15 million in the 2014 midterms. All together, the Kochs are expected to spend upwards of $290 million this election cycle in an effort to elect politicians who will best serve their economic interests, including deregulation, and curbing environmental protections.


The group’s funders include New York hedge fund manager Bob Mercer, whose firm has used so-called “basket options” to avoid more than $6 billion in taxes, Diane Hendricks, a Wisconsin roofing magnate and major contributor to Gov. Scott Walker, Minnesota TV mogul Stanley Hubbard, who has called global warming “the biggest fraud in the history of America, private equity moneyman John Childs, who has been nicknamed “the Republican ATM,” and Arkansas poultry processor Ronnie Cameron, who seeded the group with an initial $500,000 in June 2014, and has now given a total of $1 million. Cameron told Politico that he contributed to the group, despite disclosure concerns, because he feared that his grandchildren “could be living under communism … with the type of leadership that we have right now.” According to paper, “roughly 650 donors combined to contribute the more than $15 million raised by the super PAC’s from its June creation through the end of September” and the group planned to raise another $10 million ahead of Election Day.

Despite its short history, Freedom Partners Action Fund has produced a long list of negative attack ads that prey on voter fears with outright lies and incessant negative messages.  In May of 2016 Freedom Partners Action Fund was forced to revise an ad attacking Russ Feingold after Poltifact rated the ad as “False” and three Wisconsin television stations pulled the ad off the air.

44 transactions on record as a recipient.

Ordered By: Year (Newer to Older)

1Ambassador Sam FoxFreedom Partners Action Fund$50,0002016+
2Richard GilliamFreedom Partners Action Fund$1,000,0002016+
3Diane HendricksFreedom Partners Action Fund$2,000,0002016+
4Charles KochFreedom Partners Action Fund$3,000,0002016+
5Chris RandolphFreedom Partners Action Fund$5002016+
6Ed RobsonFreedom Partners Action Fund$50,0002016+
7Elizabeth WeissFreedom Partners Action Fund$12,5002016+
8Richard WeissFreedom Partners Action Fund$12,5002016+
9Mountaire CorporationFreedom Partners Action Fund$2,000,0002016+
10Ronald CameronFreedom Partners Action Fund$500,0002014+
11Stanley S. HubbardFreedom Partners Action Fund$75,0002014+
12Roger W. StoneFreedom Partners Action Fund$250,0002014+
13Leo W. CookFreedom Partners Action Fund$25,0002014+
14Dian Graves StaiFreedom Partners Action Fund$250,0002014+
1560 Plus AssociationFreedom Partners Action Fund$575,0002014+
16William H. RojFreedom Partners Action Fund$25,0002014+
17Herbert N. MorganFreedom Partners Action Fund$25,0002014+
18Robert RowlingFreedom Partners Action Fund$200,0002014+
19Jack BiltisFreedom Partners Action Fund$75,0002014+
20Art PopeFreedom Partners Action Fund$400,0002014+
21Armas C. Markkula Jr.Freedom Partners Action Fund$100,0002014+
22Jerry HaydenFreedom Partners Action Fund$100,0002014+
23Stanley S. HubbardFreedom Partners Action Fund$75,0002014+
24Robert MercerFreedom Partners Action Fund$2,500,0002014+
25Stephen L. ChazenFreedom Partners Action Fund$125,0002014+
26Diane HendricksFreedom Partners Action Fund$1,000,0002014+
27Jerry HaydenFreedom Partners Action Fund$100,0002014+
28Dean L. BuntrockFreedom Partners Action Fund$100,0002014+
29David C. HumphreysFreedom Partners Action Fund$500,0002014+
30Richard T. WeissFreedom Partners Action Fund$50,0002014+
31Richard B. GilliamFreedom Partners Action Fund$500,0002014+
32Ravenel B. Curry IIIFreedom Partners Action Fund$500,0002014+
33Mary Beth Elizabeth WeissFreedom Partners Action Fund$50,0002014+
34Marilyn HaydenFreedom Partners Action Fund$100,0002014+
35John W. ChildsFreedom Partners Action Fund$500,0002014+
36Denny ElwellFreedom Partners Action Fund$75,0002014+
37Edward L. DiefenthalFreedom Partners Action Fund$150,0002014+
38George W. Gibbs IIIFreedom Partners Action Fund$150,0002014+
39Richard G. SugdenFreedom Partners Action Fund$25,0002014+
40James A PattersonFreedom Partners Action Fund$100,0002014+
41Clarence L. WernerFreedom Partners Action Fund$1,000,0002014+
42James A PattersonFreedom Partners Action Fund$100,0002014+
43Ronald CameronFreedom Partners Action Fund$500,0002014+
44George G. FentonFreedom Partners Action Fund$20,0002012+
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