List of State Policy Network Members

The following is a list, featuring links to Conservative Transparency pages, to all State Policy Network Members, Associate Members, and “other organizations,” from the State Policy Network Website.


SPN Members:


Advance Arkansas Institute

Alabama Policy Institute

Alaska Policy Forum

Arkansas Policy Foundation

Beacon Center of Tennessee

Bluegrass Institute for Public Policy Solutions

Buckeye Institute for Public Policy Solutions

Caesar Rodney Institute

California Public Policy Center

Calvert Institute for Policy Research

Cascade Policy Institute

Center of the American Experiment

Commonwealth Foundation

Empire Center

Ethan Allen Institute

Foundation for Government Accountability

Freedom Foundation (formerly Evergreen Freedom Foundation)

Freedom Foundation of Minnesota

Georgia Center for Opportunity

Georgia Public Policy Foundation

Grassroot Institute of Hawaii

Great Plains Public Policy Institute

Idaho Freedom Foundation

Illinois Policy Institute

Independence Institute

Indiana Policy Review Foundation

James Madison Institute*

John Locke Foundation

John William Pope Civitas Institute

Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy

Kansas Policy Institute

Libertas Institute

MacIver Institute for Public Policy

Mackinac Center for Public Policy

Maine Heritage Policy Center

Maryland Public Policy Institute

Mississippi Center for Public Policy

Montana Policy Institute

Nevada Policy Research Institute

Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs

Opportunity Ohio

Pacific Research Institute

Palmetto Policy Forum

Pelican Institute for Public Policy

Pioneer Institute

Platte Institute for Economic Research

Public Interest Institute

Public Policy Foundation of West Virginia

Rhode Island Center for Freedom and Prosperity

Rio Grande Foundation

Show-Me Institute

South Carolina Policy Council

Sutherland Institute

Texas Conservative Coalition Research Institute

Texas Public Policy Foundation

Thomas Jefferson Institute

Virginia Institute for Public Policy

Washington Policy Center

Wisconsin Policy Research Institute

Wyoming Liberty Group

Wyoming Policy Institute

Yankee Institute for Public Policy


SPN Associate Members:


1851 Center for Constitutional Law

Accuracy In Media

Acton Institute

Advocates for Self-Government

Allegheny Institute for Public Policy

Alliance for School Choice

America’s Future Foundation

American Consumer Institute

American Council of Trustees and Alumni

American Enterprise Institute

American Legislative Exchange Council*

American Majority

American Principles Project

American Tradition Institute

American Transparency – OpenTheBooks

Americans for Prosperity Foundation*

Americans For Tax Reform

Ashbrook Center

Atlantic Legal Foundation

Atlas Economic Research Foundation

Ayn Rand Institute*

Bastiat Society

Beacon Hill Institute*

Benjamin Rush Institute

Better Government Project

Capital Research Center

Cato Institute*

Centennial Institute

Center for Competitive Politics

Center for Education Reform

Citizens Against Government Waste

Citizens Council for Health Freedom

Claremont Institute

Compact for America Educational Foundation

Competitive Enterprise Institute

David Horowitz Freedom Center


Education Action Group Foundation

Families Against Mandatory Minimums*

Foundation for Economic Education

Foundation for Education Reform & Accountability

Foundation for Excellence in Education

Foundation for Self-Government

Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity*

Fraser Institute*

Free State Foundation

Free to Choose Network


Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice

Frontier Lab

Fund for American Studies

Galen Institute Inc.

Goldwater Institute

Headspring Group

Heartland Institute*

Heritage Foundation

Independent Institute

Independent Women’s Forum

Institute for Humane Studies*

Institute for Justice*

Institute for Policy Innovation

Institute for Truth in Accounting

Intellectual Takeout

Intercollegiate Studies Institute

Jesse Helms Center

John William Pope Center for Higher Education

Judicial Watch Inc.

Just Facts

Keystone Community of Hope

Leadership Institute

Leadership Program of the Rockies

Liberty Foundation of America

Limited Government Forum

Louisiana Family Forum

Lucy Burns Institute

Manhattan Institute for Policy Research

Mercatus Center*

Moving Picture Institute

National Center for Policy Analysis

National Center for Public Policy Research

National Legal and Policy Center

National Review Institute

National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation

National Taxpayers Union

National Taxpayers Union Foundation

New Jersey Family Policy Council

North Carolina Institute for Constitutional Law

Oregon Capitol Watch Foundation

Pacific Legal Foundation*

Prometheus Institute

Property & Environment Research Center

R Street Institute

Reason Foundation*

Regular Folks United

Sam Adams Alliance

Small Business Hawaii

South Carolinians for Responsible Government

Spark Freedom

State Budget Solutions

Steamboat Institute

Students For Liberty

Taliesin Nexus

Tax Foundation

The Liberty Foundation of America

Thomas B. Fordham Foundation

Tuerck Foundation for the Study of Economics, Law and the Humanities

Utah Taxpayers Foundation

Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty, Inc.

Young America’s Foundation

Youth Entrepreneurs*


Other Organizations:


ACCF Center for Policy Research

Accuracy in Academia

Adams Report

Alliance Defense Fund

Alliance for Choice in Education

Alliance for Maine’s Future

America’s Future

American Association of Small Property Owners

American Center for Law and Justice

American Conservative Union

American Council on Science & Health

American Dream Coalition

American Institute for Full Employment

American Land Rights Association

American Majority

Americans for Fair Taxation

Americans for Free Choice in Medicine

Americans for Limited Government Foundation

Americans United for Life

Association of American Educators

Bill of Rights Institute*

Black Alliance for Educational Options

Broad Foundation

Building Excellent Schools

California Common Sense


Center for Civic Renewal

Center for Individual Freedom

Center for Self-Government in the West

Center for Union Facts

Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation*

Christian Coalition of Alabama

Citizen Outreach Foundation

Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania

Citizens Equal Rights Alliance

Citizens for Limited Taxation

Civitas Institute

Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute

Club for Growth

Concerned Women for America*

Congressional Institute

Consumers for Health Care Choices

Cornerstone Policy Research

DC Progress

DCI Group Inc.

Eagle Forum

Education Advancement Fund International

Education Liberty Watch

Ethics and Public Policy Center

Excellent Education for Everyone

Family Action Council of Tennessee

Family Research Council

Federalist Society*

Florida TaxWatch

Foundation for Free Enterprise

Foundation for Individual Rights in Education*

Foundation for Research on Economics & the Environment

Future of Freedom Foundation

Houston Property Rights Association

Indiana Family Institute

Innosight Institute

Institute for Health Freedom

Institute of the North

Iowa Taxpayer Association

John Jay Institute

Justice Foundation

Kansas Taxpayers Network

Landmark Legal Foundation

Let Freedom Ring

Lexington Institute

Liberty Fund

Liberty Institute

Liberty on the Rocks

Lincoln Institute of Public Opinion Research, Inc.

Lincoln Legal Foundation

MacIver Institute for Public Policy

Maryland Taxpayers Association Inc.

Michigan Association of Public School Academies (MAPSA)

Montana Taxpayers Association

Mountain States Legal Foundation

National Institute for Labor Relations Research

National Tax Limitation Committee

National Taxpayers United-Illinois

Nebraska Tax Research Council

Nebraska Taxpayers for Freedom

Nevada Taxpayers Association

Open Government Institute of California

Oregonians in Action

Parents In Charge Foundation

Pennsylvania Leadership Conference

Performance Institute

Philanthropy Roundtable*

Property Rights Foundation of America Inc.

Public Policy Institute of New York

Public Service Research Foundation


Religious Freedom Coalition

Research Institute for Hawaii

Rocky Mountain Foundation

Sagamore Institute for Policy Research

San Diego Institute for Policy Research

Searle Freedom Trust

Southeastern Legal Foundation

Students in Free Enterprise

Susan B. Anthony List

Tax Foundation of Hawaii

Taxpayer Association of Oregon

Taxpayer’s Federation of Illinois

Taxpayers Network Incorporated

Teach NYS

Tennessee for Tax Reform

Tennessee Tax Revolt

Tennessee Taxpayers Association

Texans for Fiscal Responsibility

The Atlas Society

The Center for Vision & Values at Grove City College

The Clemson Institute for the Study of Capitalism

Victims of the Endangered Species Act (VESA)

We the People Foundation

Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance

Wyoming Heritage Foundation

April 2, 2015