Todd Ricketts is the son of Joe Ricketts, founder of TD Ameritrade and owner of the Chicago Cubs. Both father and son are influential conservative donors, and Todd is the Director and CEO of Ending Spending, which has received significant funding from the Ricketts patriarch (its founder) and conservative megadonor Sheldon Adelson.

The Ricketts family’s political proclivities rose to particular infamy in 2012 when the New York Times reported on a secret $10 million “Ricketts Plan” to attack “Barack Hussein Obama” for his connection to Rev. Jeremiah Wright while Obama supposedly pretended to be a “metrosexual, black Abe Lincoln.” The racially charged plot, which included plans to hire a “extremely literate conservative African-American” as a spokesperson, was designed to “do exactly what John McCain would not let us do” against Obama in 2008, according to the plan’s own documents.

Just like his father, Todd has been a major supporter of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker. In 2012 Ricketts donated $45,000 dollars to Friends of Scott Walker, according to Wisconsin’s Campaign Finance Information System. This including a major donation of $25,000 on May 31st, just a week before the election took place. The Republic Report notes that Todd’s donations were a mere portion of the $140,000 dollars that the Ricketts family donated to Walker’s campaign between January and March 2012. But Ricketts’ support of Walker didn’t end with the recall campaign. In June 2013, Ricketts threw another $10,000 Walker’s way.

Ricketts came out in support of Walker’s expected presidential bid by hosting a fundraising barbecue on May 20th, 2015 for Walker’s Unintimidated PAC which raised “very significant” amounts of money, according to the Chicago Sun Times. He later hosted a second barbecue, and one of the two was attended by David Koch. However, the Wisconsin governor is far from the only candidate to whom Todd has given significant sums of money. FEC’s individual contribution database details over $160,000 in donations to political committees between 1999 and 2014. In addition, he donated $295,000 in limit-exempt “soft money.” This included $50,000 to Mitt Romney’s Restore Our Future PAC in September 2012. (He also, mysteriously, donated $2,500 to Gary Johnson’s longshot presidential bid just ten days later.)

In July 2015, Politico detailed that money from Midwestern megadonors like the Ricketts family was “fueling Walker’s campaign groundwork,” continuing a mutually beneficial relationship that has lasted throughout Walker’s governorship. Ending Spending ran a $250,000 ad buy praising Walker, and Walker traveled to Nevada to campaign on behalf of Pete Ricketts’ governor run.

54 transactions on record as a donor.

Ordered By: Year (Newer to Older)

1Todd RickettsDr Monica Wehby for US Senate$2,6002014+
2Todd RickettsEd Gillespie for Senate$2,6002014+
3Todd RickettsEd Gillespie for Senate$2,6002014+
4Todd RickettsAmerican Future Fund$5,0002014+
5Todd RickettsRodney for Congress$2,6002014+
6Todd RickettsCarl DeMaio for Congress$2,6002014+
7Todd RickettsSenger for Congress$2,6002014+
8Todd RickettsSchock for Congress$2,6002014+
9Todd RickettsKinzinger for Congress$2,6002014+
10Todd RickettsDold for Congress$2,6002014+
11Todd RickettsRepublican National Committee$30,4002014+
12Todd RickettsThe New Prosperity Foundation$25,0002014+
13Todd RickettsFiscal Leadership And Knowing Economics PAC $2,5002013+
14Todd RickettsCotton for Senate $2,6002013+
15Todd RickettsCotton for Senate $2,6002013+
16Todd RickettsDold for Congress$2,6002013+
17Todd RickettsRepublican National Committee$32,4002013+
18Todd RickettsEnding Spending Action Fund$200,0002013+
19Todd RickettsJeff Flake for US Senate$2,5002012+
20Todd RickettsJeff Flake for US Senate$2,5002012+
21Todd RickettsCitizens for Josh Mandel$2,5002012+
22Todd RickettsDeb Fischer for US Senate$2,5002012+
23Todd RickettsRomney for President$2,5002012+
24Todd RickettsGary Johnson 2012$2,5002012+
25Todd RickettsKinzinger for Congress$1,0002012+
26Todd RickettsDold for Congress$2,5002012+
27Todd RickettsLiberty Principles PAC$20,0002012+
28Todd RickettsRestore Our Future$50,0002012+
29Todd RickettsBobby Schilling for Congress$2,5002011+
30Todd RickettsKinzinger for Congress$2,5002011+
31Todd RickettsKirk for Senate$2,4002010+
32Todd RickettsKirk for Senate$2,4002010+
33Todd RickettsSue Lowden for US Senate$2,4002010+
34Todd RickettsSue Lowden for US Senate$-4,3232010+
35Todd RickettsSue Lowden for US Senate$-2,4002010+
36Todd RickettsSue Lowden for US Senate$2,4002010+
37Todd RickettsSue Lowden for US Senate$6,7232010+
38Todd RickettsSue Lowden for US Senate$-2,4002010+
39Todd RickettsIllinois Republican Party$2,5002010+
40Todd RickettsIllinois Republican Party$5,0002010+
41Todd RickettsBobby Schilling for Congress$2,4002010+
42Todd RickettsSue Lowden for US Senate$-2,4002010+
43Todd RickettsOffice of the Commissioner of Major League Baseball PAC$2,5002010+
44Todd RickettsDold for Congress$2,4002010+
45Todd RickettsRandy Hultgren for Congress$2,4002010+
46Todd RickettsKinzinger for Congress$2,4002010+
47Todd RickettsRichard Burr Committee$2,4002010+
48Todd RickettsNebraska Families for Pete Ricketts$-4,2002006+
49Todd RickettsNebraska Families for Pete Ricketts$-4,2002006+
50Todd RickettsNebraska Republican Party$10,0002006+
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