280 transactions on record as a donor, filed under these 3 entities:

Ordered By: Year (Newer to Older)

1Robert RowlingFreedom Partners Action Fund$200,0002014+
2Robert RowlingTexans for Senator John Cornyn$2,6002013+
3Robert RowlingTexans for Senator John Cornyn$2,6002013+
4Terry RowlingTexans for Senator John Cornyn$2,6002013+
5Terry RowlingTexans for Senator John Cornyn$2,6002013+
6Terry RowlingRepublican National Committee$32,4002013+
7Robert RowlingNRCC$32,4002013+
8Robert RowlingTommy Thompson for Senate$2,5002012+
9Terry RowlingTommy Thompson for Senate$2,5002012+
10Robert RowlingTexas Conservatives Fund$35,0002012+
11Robert RowlingRomney for President$2,5002012+
12Terry RowlingRomney for President$2,5002012+
13Robert RowlingRestore Our Future$100,0002012+
14Robert RowlingRepublican Party of Texas$5,0002012+
15Terry RowlingRepublican National Committee$2,5002012+
16Terry RowlingRepublican National Committee$9,2002012+
17Robert RowlingRepublican Governors Association$50,0002012+
18Robert RowlingNRSC $25,0002012+
19Terry RowlingNRSC $30,8002012+
20Robert RowlingHoosiers for Richard Mourdock$2,5002012+
21Terry RowlingHoosiers for Richard Mourdock$2,5002012+
22Robert RowlingHeller for Senate$2,5002012+
23Terry RowlingHeller for Senate$2,5002012+
24Robert RowlingGeorge Allen for US Senate$2,5002012+
25Terry RowlingGeorge Allen for US Senate$2,5002012+
26Robert RowlingCitizens for Josh Mandel$2,5002012+
27Terry RowlingCitizens for Josh Mandel$2,5002012+
28Robert RowlingBerg for Senate$2,5002012+
29Terry RowlingBerg for Senate$2,5002012+
30Robert RowlingAmerican Crossroads$1,000,0002012+
31Robert RowlingAmerican Crossroads$500,0002012+
32Robert RowlingAmerican Crossroads$1,000,0002012+
33TRT HoldingsAmerican Crossroads$500,0002012+
34TRT HoldingsAmerican Crossroads$1,000,0002012+
35TRT HoldingsAmerican Crossroads$1,000,0002012+
36Robert RowlingTexans for Tom Leppert$2,5002011+
37Robert RowlingRomney for President$2,5002011+
38Terry RowlingRomney for President$2,5002011+
39Robert RowlingRickPerry.org$2,5002011+
40Terry RowlingRickPerry.org$2,5002011+
41Robert RowlingRepublican National Committee$15,0002011+
42Robert RowlingPawlenty for President$2,5002011+
43Terry RowlingPawlenty for President$2,5002011+
44Robert RowlingNRSC $30,8002011+
45Terry RowlingNRSC $30,8002011+
46Robert RowlingMontanans for Rehberg$2,5002011+
47Robert RowlingMontanans for Rehberg$2,5002011+
48Terry RowlingMontanans for Rehberg$2,5002011+
49Robert RowlingDewhurst for Texas$2,5002011+
50Robert RowlingAmerican Crossroads$1,000,0002011+
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