1Mark FiddesRomney for President$2,5002012+
2Caroline FiddesRomney for President$2,5002012+
3Mark FiddesRomney for President$2,5002012+
4Joseph W. Craft IIIHeller for Senate$2,5002012+
5Caroline FiddesGeorge Allen for US Senate$2,5002012+
6Joseph W. Craft IIIGeorge Allen for US Senate$2,5002012+
7Lauren CraftGeorge Allen for US Senate$2,5002012+
8Mark FiddesGeorge Allen for US Senate$2,5002012+
9Ryan CraftGeorge Allen for US Senate$2,5002012+
10Joseph W. Craft IIINational Republican Senatorial Committee$15,0002012+
11Mollie CraftGeorge Allen for US Senate$2,5002012+
12Mollie CraftNational Republican Senatorial Committee$15,0002012+
13Joseph W. Craft IIIGeorge Allen for US Senate$2,5002012+
14Caroline FiddesHeller for Senate$2,5002012+
15Joseph W. Craft IVHeller for Senate$2,5002012+
16Lauren CraftHeller for Senate$2,5002012+
17Mark FiddesHeller for Senate$2,5002012+
18Mollie CraftHeller for Senate$2,5002012+
19Ryan CraftHeller for Senate$2,5002012+
20Alliance Management HoldingsAmerican Crossroads$425,0002012+
21Joseph W. Craft IIIAmerican Crossroads$1,250,0002012+
22Alliance Management HoldingsAmerican Crossroads$425,0002012+
23Alliance Coal LLCRepublican Governors Association$250,0002012+
24Alliance Coal LLCRepublican State Leadership Committee$25,0002012+
25Alliance Holdings GPRepublican State Leadership Committee$100,0002012+
26Caroline FiddesRomney for President$2,5002012+
27Joseph W. Craft IIIOklahoma Leadership Council$4,0002012+
28Alliance CoalRepublican Governors Association$250,0002012+
29Mollie CraftAlliance Coal LLC PAC$5,0002012+
30Joseph W. Craft IIICoalPAC$5,0002012+
31Joseph W. Craft IIIAlliance Coal LLC PAC$5,0002012+
32Alliance CoalRepublican State Leadership Committee$25,0002012+
33Joseph W. Craft IIIRestore Our Future$500,0002012+
34Alliance Management HoldingsAmerican Crossroads$425,0002011+
35Alliance Holdings GPRepublican Governors Association$250,0002011+
36Alliance CoalAndy Harris$3,0002011+
37Joseph W. Craft IIIDavid Williams & Richie Farmer$1,0002011+
38Joseph W. Craft IIIEarl Ray Tomblin$1,0002011+
39Alliance CoalDavid McKinley$2,5002011+
40Alliance CoalMorgan Griffith$1,0002011+
41Alliance CoalNational Republican Congressional Committee$2,5002011+
42Alliance CoalEd Whitfield$2,5002011+
43Alliance CoalNational Republican Congressional Committee$2,5002011+
44Alliance CoalBobby Jindal$2,5002011+
45Alliance CoalJames M. Inhofe$2,5002011+
46Joseph W. Craft IIIEarl Ray Tomblin$1,0002011+
47Joseph W. Craft IIIAlison Lundergran Grimes$1,0002011+
48Joseph W. Craft IIITodd P'Pool$1,0002011+
49Kathy CraftDavid Williams & Richie Farmer$1,0002011+
50Alliance CoalTFP-FOJB Committee$5,0002011+
Contributions from individuals to super PACs, party committees, political action committees, and federal candidates are based on information from Political Moneyline and the Federal Election Commission. For more information about our methodology, visit our about page.