374 transactions on record as a donor, filed under these 2 entities:

Ordered By: Year (Newer to Older)

1John W. ChildsFreedom Partners Action Fund$500,0002014+
2John W. ChildsBill Cassidy for US Senate $1,0002013+
3John W. ChildsClub for Growth$2,6002013+
4John W. ChildsClub for Growth$2,6002013+
5John W. ChildsCongressional Leadership Fund$125,0002013+
6John W. ChildsCotton for Senate $2,6002013+
7John W. ChildsCotton for Senate $2,6002013+
8John W. ChildsFiscal Leadership And Knowing Economics PAC $5,0002013+
9John W. ChildsFriends of Kelly Ayotte$2,6002013+
10John W. ChildsFriends of Kelly Ayotte$2,6002013+
11John W. ChildsFriends of Pat Toomey$2,9002013+
12Marlene ChildsFriends of Pat Toomey$2,6002013+
13Marlene ChildsFriends of Pat Toomey$4002013+
14Marlene ChildsFriends of Pat Toomey$2,2002013+
15John W. ChildsKentuckians for Strong Leadership$250,0002013+
16Marlene ChildsNRCC$30,0002013+
17John W. ChildsNRCC$32,4002013+
18John W. ChildsNRSC $32,4002013+
19John W. ChildsRepublican National Committee$32,5002013+
20John W. ChildsRon DeSantis for Congress$2,6002013+
21John W. ChildsRon DeSantis for Congress$2,6002013+
22John W. ChildsTexans for Senator John Cornyn$2,6002013+
23John W. ChildsTexans for Senator John Cornyn$2,4002013+
24John W. ChildsAmerican Crossroads$750,0002012+
25John W. ChildsAmerican Crossroads$500,0002012+
26John W. ChildsAmerican Crossroads$500,0002012+
27John W. ChildsBerg for Senate$-2,5002012+
28John W. ChildsBerg for Senate$2,5002012+
29John W. ChildsClub for Growth Action $1,000,0002012+
30John W. ChildsCommittee to Elect Charlie Summers$1,0002012+
31John W. ChildsCongressional Leadership Fund$125,0002012+
32John W. ChildsCongressional Leadership Fund$125,0002012+
33John W. ChildsFreedom PAC$100,0002012+
34John W. ChildsFriends of Doc Hastings$1,0002012+
35Marlene ChildsFriends of Doc Hastings$1,0002012+
36John W. ChildsHal Rogers for Congress$7002012+
37John W. ChildsJohnson for Congress$5002012+
38John W. ChildsMontanans for Rehberg$2,5002012+
39Marlene ChildsMontanans for Rehberg$2,5002012+
40John W. ChildsRestore Our Future$1,000,0002012+
41John W. ChildsSimpson for Congress$1,0002012+
42Marlene ChildsSimpson for Congress$1,0002012+
43John W. ChildsBerg for Senate$5,0002011+
44John W. ChildsCantor for Congress$2,5002011+
45John W. ChildsCantor for Congress$2,5002011+
46John W. ChildsClub for Growth Action $125,0002011+
47John W. ChildsClub for Growth$2,5002011+
48John W. ChildsClub for Growth$2,5002011+
49John W. ChildsClub for Growth$2,5002011+
50John W. ChildsEvery Republican is Crucial$5,0002011+
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