389 donors on record.

Ordered By: Number of Transactions (High to Low)

Transactions on Record
351Richard Gilliam1
352Roger W. Stone1
353Adfam Incorporated1
354Ravenel B. Curry III1
355Advance Arkansas Institute1
356Chris Randolph1
357Leo W. Cook1
358Mary Beth Elizabeth Weiss1
359Ed Robson1
360Dian Graves Stai1
361Marilyn Hayden1
362Center for Education Reform1
363The Libre Initiative1
364Institute for Marriage and Public Policy1
365Venetian Macau1
366Elizabeth Weiss1
36760 Plus Association1
368Denny Elwell1
369Institute of World Politics1
370The Catholic Association1
371Venetian Resort Hotel & Casino1
372Richard Weiss1
373Alliance Resource GP1
374William H. Roj1
375Huron Carbon LLC1
376Edward L. Diefenthal1
377Washington Legal Foundation1
378Mountaire Corporation1
379Herbert N. Morgan1
380George W. Gibbs III1
381Clarion Fund1
382Interface Operations LLC1
383Americans for Prosperity Foundation1
384Alliance Resources SGP Land LLC1
385Jack Biltis1
386George G. Fenton1
387Art Pope1
388Steuben Foods1
389Richard G. Sugden1
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