389 donors on record.

Ordered By: Number of Transactions (High to Low)

Transactions on Record
251American Commitment8
252American Chemistry Council8
253Evangchr4 Trust8
255Interface Group - Massachusetts7
256Americans for Job Security7
257Marsha Kleinheinz7
258Mid-America Right to Work7
259FreedomWorks Foundation7
260Retail Industry Leaders Association7
261Alliance for America's Future7
262NumbersUSA Education and Research Foundation7
263Contran Corporation Political Action Committee6
264David Horowitz Freedom Center6
265Annual Fund6
267Alliance Management Holdings6
268Founding Fund6
270National Review Institute5
271Concerned Women for America5
272American Legal Foundation5
273Jill Conard5
274Knowledge and Progress Fund5
275Alliance Coal PAC5
276Alliance for Freedom5
277Enterprise Freedom Action Committee5
279The Palazzo4
280National Council on Teacher Quality4
281Chartwell Partners LLC4
283Oxbow Power Corporation4
284Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change4
286Freedom's Watch4
287Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs4
288Family Coalition4
289Test Foundation3
291American Energy Alliance3
292Interface Group3
293Interface Group - Nevada3
294Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship3
295U.S. Justice Charitable Foundation3
296Independent Women's Voice3
297Alliance Coal LLC3
298Oxbow Mining LLC3
299Foundation for Defense of Democracies3
300American Legislative Exchange Council3
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