389 donors on record.

Ordered By: Number of Transactions (High to Low)

Transactions on Record
201Mollie Craft29
202Sweetfeet Foundation27
203TC4 Trust26
204Alliance Resource Partners26
205Mark Fiddes26
206Lauren Craft26
207Americans for Limited Government Foundation24
208National Right To Work Committee21
209Heartland Institute20
210Intel Corporation19
211Americans for Prosperity18
212Crow Holdings18
213Foundation for Excellence in Education18
214American Future Fund16
215Americans for Tax Reform16
216Focus on the Family16
217Employment Policies Institute Foundation16
218Sands Expo & Convention Center15
219National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation14
220Center for Consumer Freedom13
221Judicial Crisis Network13
223Philanthropy Roundtable13
224American Civil Rights Union13
225Judicial Watch12
226Judicial Education Project12
227Construction Business Group12
228Fund for American Studies11
229Joseph W. Craft IV11
230Malibu Bay Company10
231American Democracy Alliance10
232Joseph & Kathy Craft10
233Institute for Foreign Policy Analysis10
234Thewes Family Foundation10
235Conservative Action League9
236Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty9
237Angela Koch9
238Harlan & Katherine Crow9
239Americans for Responsible Leadership9
240Patrick Henry Center for Individual Liberty9
241American Encore9
242Free Enterprise America9
243American Beverage Institute9
244American Action Network9
245Evangchr4 Trust8
246Media Research Center8
247Dow Chemical Company8
248Illinois Policy Institute8
249Center for Union Facts8
250Oxbow Carbon LLC8
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