2,796 transactions on record as a donor.

Ordered By: Year (Newer to Older)

1William H. Donner FoundationActors Fund$20,0002012+
2William H. Donner FoundationAfrican Wildlife Foundation$25,0002012+
3William H. Donner FoundationAlliance for Choice in Education$10,0002012+
4William H. Donner FoundationAmaryllis Farm Equine Rescue$5,0002012+
5William H. Donner FoundationAmerican Constitution Society$12,0002012+
6William H. Donner FoundationAmerican Foreign Policy Council$25,0002012+
7William H. Donner FoundationAmerican Humane Association$10,0002012+
8William H. Donner FoundationAmerican University$50,0002012+
9William H. Donner FoundationAmnesty International USA$38,0002012+
10William H. Donner FoundationAnglosphere Society$9,5002012+
11William H. Donner FoundationAnglosphere Society$11,0002012+
12William H. Donner FoundationAniMeals$25,0002012+
13William H. Donner FoundationAOPA Air Safety Foundation$25,0002012+
14William H. Donner FoundationAquidneck Land Trust$100,0002012+
15William H. Donner FoundationArgentina Arts Organization$15,0002012+
16William H. Donner FoundationAssociation Airtanker Pilots Mem Trust Fd$5,0002012+
17William H. Donner FoundationAtlas Economic Research Foundation$25,0002012+
18William H. Donner FoundationBASIS School Inc$10,0002012+
19William H. Donner FoundationBhutan Foundation$25,0002012+
20William H. Donner FoundationBideawee$20,0002012+
21William H. Donner FoundationBob Carter's Actor's Workshop & Repertory Company$20,0002012+
22William H. Donner FoundationBob Carter's Actor's Workshop & Repertory Company$7,3482012+
23William H. Donner FoundationBoys & Girls Clubs of Palm Beach County$15,0002012+
24William H. Donner FoundationBreakthrough Collaborative$15,0002012+
25William H. Donner FoundationBuckley School (New York City)$5,0002012+
26William H. Donner FoundationCalifornia State Parks Foundation$13,0002012+
27William H. Donner FoundationCapital Research Center$20,0002012+
28William H. Donner FoundationCardiovascular Disease Foundation$4,7942012+
29William H. Donner FoundationCare for Skin Foundation Inc$17,0002012+
30William H. Donner FoundationCarter Center$50,0002012+
31William H. Donner FoundationCasa de Amparo$50,0002012+
32William H. Donner FoundationCato Institute$20,0002012+
33William H. Donner FoundationCenter for Ecosystem Management and Restoration Inc.$20,0002012+
34William H. Donner FoundationCenter for Immigration Studies$30,0002012+
35William H. Donner FoundationCenter for Security Policy$25,0002012+
36William H. Donner FoundationChallenged Athletes; Inc.$12,5002012+
37William H. Donner FoundationChildren's Village of Sonoma County$15,0002012+
38William H. Donner FoundationChurch of the Incarnation$5,0002012+
39William H. Donner FoundationCitizen Schools$5,0002012+
40William H. Donner FoundationCoaching Corps$7,5002012+
41William H. Donner FoundationColorado College$10,0002012+
42William H. Donner FoundationColorado Open Lands$45,0002012+
43William H. Donner FoundationCommunity Action Marin$5,0002012+
44William H. Donner FoundationCorazon de Vida Foundation$4,5002012+
45William H. Donner FoundationCorrectional Association of New York$20,0002012+
46William H. Donner FoundationCovenant House New York$25,0002012+
47William H. Donner FoundationDenver Art Museum$50,0002012+
48William H. Donner FoundationDenver Inner City Parish$5,0002012+
49William H. Donner FoundationDoctors Without Borders$17,0002012+
50William H. Donner FoundationDonorsTrust$100,0002012+
Contributions from private foundations and other nonprofit entities are based on a review of publicly available Forms 990 filed with the Internal Revenue Service. For more information about our methodology, visit our about page.