10,330 transactions on record as a donor.

Ordered By: Year (Newer to Older)

151Walton Family FoundationCoalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana$150,0002012+
152Walton Family FoundationCochise County$352,5002012+
153Walton Family FoundationCollege of the Ozarks$25,0002012+
154Walton Family FoundationCollege of Wooster$20,0002012+
155Walton Family FoundationCollegiate Academy 1$250,0002012+
156Walton Family FoundationCollegiate Academy 2$250,0002012+
157Walton Family FoundationColorado College$2,000,0002012+
158Walton Family FoundationColorado Environmental Coalition$108,6902012+
159Walton Family FoundationColorado League of Charter Schools$245,0002012+
160Walton Family FoundationColorado Nonprofit Development Center$175,0002012+
161Walton Family FoundationColorado Nonprofit Development Center$40,0002012+
162Walton Family FoundationColorado State University Foundation$30,6032012+
163Walton Family FoundationColorado Succeeds$100,0002012+
164Walton Family FoundationColorado Therapeutic Riding Center Inc$10,0002012+
165Walton Family FoundationColorado Water Trust$565,0002012+
166Walton Family FoundationColorado Water Trust$17,4252012+
167Walton Family FoundationColorado Watershed Assembly$10,0002012+
168Walton Family FoundationColumbia College$10,0002012+
169Walton Family FoundationColumbia University Law School$25,0002012+
170Walton Family FoundationColumbus Collegiate Academy - West Campus$220,0002012+
171Walton Family FoundationColumbus Elementary School$25,0002012+
172Walton Family FoundationColumbus Zoological Park Association - SECORE Project$50,0002012+
173Walton Family FoundationCommonwealth Foundation for Public Policy Alternatives$25,0002012+
174Walton Family FoundationCommunity Foundation of Jackson Hole - AKA Community Foundation of Teton Valley$105,0002012+
175Walton Family FoundationComunidad y Biodiversidad A C$744,2602012+
176Walton Family FoundationComunidad y Biodiversidad A C$110,0002012+
177Walton Family FoundationConnecticut Coalition for Achievement Now Inc. $450,0002012+
178Walton Family FoundationConservation International Foundation$5,725,0002012+
179Walton Family FoundationConservation International Foundation$4,214,8812012+
180Walton Family FoundationConservation International Foundation$12,718,7632012+
181Walton Family FoundationConservation Lands Foundation$275,0002012+
182Walton Family FoundationConsultative Group on Biological Diversity$40,0002012+
183Walton Family FoundationCookson Hills Christian Ministries - Cookson Hills Christian School$40,0002012+
184Walton Family FoundationCooperative Development Services$140,0002012+
185Walton Family FoundationCore Knowledge Foundation$182,5392012+
186Walton Family FoundationCornell University$50,0002012+
187Walton Family FoundationCouncil for Economic Education$20,0002012+
188Walton Family FoundationCreate Quality Schools Total$72,970,5752012+
189Walton Family FoundationCredit Counseling of Arkansas Inc$161,2912012+
190Walton Family FoundationCristo Rey Network$920,0002012+
191Walton Family FoundationDC Preparatory Academy$199,0002012+
192Walton Family FoundationDC Public Charter School Board$498,7292012+
193Walton Family FoundationDC Public Education Fund$5,919,2292012+
194Walton Family FoundationDC Scholars Academy$250,0002012+
195Walton Family FoundationDecision Point Inc.$30,0002012+
196Walton Family FoundationDelta Charter School of Math Science and Technology$30,0002012+
197Walton Family FoundationDelta Region of Arkansas and Mississippi Total$5,503,5342012+
198Walton Family FoundationDemocracy Prep III Charter School$250,0002012+
199Walton Family FoundationDenison ISD Education Foundation Inc.$10,0002012+
200Walton Family FoundationDenver Childrens Advocacy Center$362,8002012+
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