10,330 transactions on record as a donor.

Ordered By: Year (Newer to Older)

101Walton Family FoundationBrighter Choice Foundation$945,0002012+
102Walton Family FoundationBrilla College Preparatory Charter School$250,0002012+
103Walton Family FoundationBrookings Institution$666,9682012+
104Walton Family FoundationBuilding Excellent Schools Inc  $3,240,0502012+
105Walton Family FoundationBuilding Hope$1,800,0002012+
106Walton Family FoundationCalifornia Academy of Sciences$630,0002012+
107Walton Family FoundationCalifornia Charter Schools Association$5,000,0002012+
108Walton Family FoundationCalifornia Charter Schools Association$1,150,0002012+
109Walton Family FoundationCamino Nuevo Elementary No. 3$250,0002012+
110Walton Family FoundationCamp War Eagle Inc.$4,737,9752012+
111Walton Family FoundationCareity Foundation$25,0002012+
112Walton Family FoundationCarmen High School of Science and Technology$333,3332012+
113Walton Family FoundationCarpe Diem Collegiate High School - Meridian Campus$250,0002012+
114Walton Family FoundationCarpe Diem West$75,0002012+
115Walton Family FoundationCatalyst-Maria Charter$220,0002012+
116Walton Family FoundationCatholic Social Services Diocese of Little Rock$98,0002012+
117Walton Family FoundationCenter for American Progress$50,0002012+
118Walton Family FoundationCenter for Better Schools $275,0002012+
119Walton Family FoundationCenter for Education Reform$809,2092012+
120Walton Family FoundationCenter for Planning Excellence$150,0002012+
121Walton Family FoundationCenter for Rural Affairs$235,0002012+
122Walton Family FoundationCenter of the American Experiment$25,0002012+
123Walton Family FoundationCenters for Youth and Families Inc.$10,0002012+
124Walton Family FoundationCentral Queens Academy Charter School$250,0002012+
125Walton Family FoundationCentro Mexicano de Derecho Ambiental A.C.$125,0002012+
126Walton Family FoundationCeres Inc$210,0002012+
127Walton Family FoundationCeres Inc$35,0002012+
128Walton Family FoundationChallenge Foundation Academy$30,0002012+
129Walton Family FoundationCharter Board Partners$177,7502012+
130Walton Family FoundationCharter Fund Inc.$14,900,0002012+
131Walton Family FoundationCharter School Growth Fund - Louisiana$2,000,0002012+
132Walton Family FoundationCharter School Partners$314,0002012+
133Walton Family FoundationChildren First Fund- The Chicago Public School Foundation$478,3802012+
134Walton Family FoundationChildren's Scholarship Fund$8,212,0002012+
135Walton Family FoundationChoate Rosemary Hall Foundation Inc.$2,404,5002012+
136Walton Family FoundationChristel House DORS $220,0002012+
137Walton Family FoundationChristian Musical Skill Center dba The Performing Arts Conservatory$30,0002012+
138Walton Family FoundationChristopher House Charter School$220,0002012+
139Walton Family FoundationCircle of Life$3,001,0002012+
140Walton Family FoundationCity of Fayetteville$61,3962012+
141Walton Family FoundationCity of Fort Worth - Pet Adoption Program$10,0002012+
142Walton Family FoundationCity of Gravette$10,0002012+
143Walton Family FoundationCity of Huntsville$10,0002012+
144Walton Family FoundationCity of Mesquite NV$45,4462012+
145Walton Family FoundationCity of Springdale$342,0612012+
146Walton Family FoundationCity Year Inc.$773,0002012+
147Walton Family FoundationCity Year Inc.$350,0002012+
148Walton Family FoundationCivic Symphony of Benton County Guild Inc. aka Arkansas Philharmonic Orchestra$15,0002012+
149Walton Family FoundationClientEarth$187,5002012+
150Walton Family FoundationClientEarth$75,0002012+
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