10,330 transactions on record as a donor.

Ordered By: Year (Newer to Older)

10301Walton Family FoundationMystic Valley Advantage Regional Charter School$102,3941998+
10302Walton Family FoundationMuseum of Photographic Arts$1,0001998+
10303Walton Family FoundationMuseum of Northern Arizona$2,5001998+
10304Walton Family FoundationMountain View Core Knowledge School$51,5001998+
10305Walton Family FoundationMount St. Joseph's Academy (Rutland VT)$2,7001998+
10306Walton Family FoundationMother to Mother Ministry of Northwest Arkansas$10,0001998+
10307Walton Family FoundationMIT Academy$10,0001998+
10308Walton Family FoundationMissouri Southern International Piano Competition$5,0001998+
10309Walton Family FoundationMississippi County Community College Foundation$15,0001998+
10310Walton Family FoundationMidpeninsula Regional Open Space District$5,0001998+
10311Walton Family FoundationMetropolitan College of New York$110,0001998+
10312Walton Family FoundationMetro Deaf School$50,0001998+
10313Walton Family FoundationMerlin Foundation$1,8001998+
10314Walton Family FoundationMercy Regional Health Foundation (Joplin MO)$5,0001998+
10315Walton Family FoundationMental Health Mental Retardation Services of Texoma$3,0001998+
10316Walton Family FoundationMcGriff Community Development and Services Corporation$10,0001998+
10317Walton Family FoundationMary Holmes College$59,3841998+
10318Walton Family FoundationMarquette University$36,3001998+
10319Walton Family FoundationMain Street Duncan$5,0001998+
10320Walton Family FoundationM & N Augustine Foundation$3,0001998+
10321Walton Family FoundationLyon College$25,0001998+
10322Walton Family FoundationLocal Initiatives Support Corporation$38,6911998+
10323Walton Family FoundationLittleton Preparatory Charter School$100,0001998+
10324Walton Family FoundationLincoln Consolidated School District$4,0001998+
10325Walton Family FoundationLeadership for Quality Education$107,5001998+
10326Walton Family FoundationLEAD San Diego Inc.$5,0001998+
10327Walton Family FoundationLaurent Clerc Educational Fund$59,2201998+
10328Walton Family FoundationLane House Alternative Education Center$2,0001998+
10329Walton Family FoundationLamar School District$92,2501998+
10330Walton Family FoundationLake George-Guffey$25,0001998+
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