10,330 transactions on record as a donor.

Ordered By: Year (Newer to Older)

10151Walton Family FoundationThe Claremont Institute$140,0001998+
10152Walton Family FoundationTexas Game Warden Association$2,0001998+
10153Walton Family FoundationTexas A&M University$300,0001998+
10154Walton Family FoundationTeach for America$100,0001998+
10155Walton Family FoundationTalbot Library & Museum Association$1,0001998+
10156Walton Family FoundationSymphony of Northwest Arkansas$66,0371998+
10157Walton Family FoundationSugar Creek Elementary School$1,5001998+
10158Walton Family FoundationSturgis Charter School$55,0001998+
10159Walton Family FoundationStilwell Public Schools Foundation$2,0001998+
10160Walton Family FoundationStilwell High School$3,5001998+
10161Walton Family FoundationStanford University$4,0001998+
10162Walton Family FoundationStandardsWork$329,7501998+
10163Walton Family FoundationSt. Vincent de Paul Society$10,0001998+
10164Walton Family FoundationSt. Stephen's Education Foundation Inc.$20,0001998+
10165Walton Family FoundationSt. Paul Family Learning Center$24,0001998+
10166Walton Family FoundationSt Mary's Hospital Foundation$2,0001998+
10167Walton Family FoundationSt. John Medical Center Foundation$15,0001998+
10168Walton Family FoundationSt. Joan Antida High School Inc.$1,5001998+
10169Walton Family FoundationSt. Francis House$5,0001998+
10170Walton Family FoundationSpringdale Public Schools (AR)$1,0001998+
10171Walton Family FoundationSpring Hill Middle School$1,5001998+
10172Walton Family FoundationSpecial Operations Warrior Foundation$50,0001998+
10173Walton Family FoundationSpecial Olympics Arkansas$1,7991998+
10174Walton Family FoundationSouthern Utah Wilderness Alliance$10,0001998+
10175Walton Family FoundationSoutheast Academy of Scholastic Excellence$10,0001998+
10176Walton Family FoundationSouth Boston Harbor Academy Charter School$142,5001998+
10177Walton Family FoundationSouth Bay Community Services$5,0001998+
10178Walton Family FoundationSkelly Public Schools$2,6251998+
10179Walton Family FoundationSingle Parent Scholarship Fund of Benton County$8,5001998+
10180Walton Family FoundationSiloam Springs Soccer Board Association$4,0001998+
10181Walton Family FoundationSiloam Springs Museum Society$3,0001998+
10182Walton Family FoundationSiloam Springs Adult Development Center$5,0001998+
10183Walton Family FoundationShriners Hospital Fund$2,0001998+
10184Walton Family FoundationShepherds Fold Ranch$5,0001998+
10185Walton Family FoundationShawnee Educational Foundation$10,0001998+
10186Walton Family FoundationSenior Community Centers (San Diego)$25,0001998+
10187Walton Family FoundationSeed Savers Exchange$5001998+
10188Walton Family FoundationSeed Foundation Inc.$166,1001998+
10189Walton Family FoundationSee Forever Foundation$111,7001998+
10190Walton Family FoundationSecond Harvest$10,0001998+
10191Walton Family FoundationSchool Futures Research Foundation$2,453,9751998+
10192Walton Family FoundationSanta Rosa City Schools$53,6001998+
10193Walton Family FoundationSan Diego Youth Services$10,0001998+
10194Walton Family FoundationSan Diego Symphony$1,0001998+
10195Walton Family FoundationSan Diego State University$3,5001998+
10196Walton Family FoundationSan Diego Space & Science Foundation$5,0001998+
10197Walton Family FoundationSan Diego Society of Natural History Balboa Park$883,2081998+
10198Walton Family FoundationSan Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce$10,0001998+
10199Walton Family FoundationSan Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce$190,3751998+
10200Walton Family FoundationSan Diego Museum of Man$1,5001998+
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