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Ordered By: Year (Newer to Older)

51Walton Family FoundationArkansas Independent Colleges & Universities - Independent College Fund of Arkansas$12,0002012+
52Walton Family FoundationArkansas Policy Foundation$10,0002012+
53Walton Family FoundationArkansas Public School Resource Center$987,9332012+
54Walton Family FoundationArkansas Sports Hall of Fame Inc.$10,0002012+
55Walton Family FoundationArkansas State Council on Economic Education (Economics Arkansas)$16,1792012+
56Walton Family FoundationArkansas Tech University$294,0002012+
57Walton Family FoundationArkansas Tennis Patrons Foundation$10,0002012+
58Walton Family FoundationArmed Services YMCA$15,0002012+
59Walton Family FoundationArts and Humanities Council of Tulsa Inc.$100,0002012+
60Walton Family FoundationArts Center of the Ozarks$478,2502012+
61Walton Family FoundationArts Center of the Ozarks$14,0002012+
62Walton Family FoundationArts Council of Oklahoma City$10,0002012+
63Walton Family FoundationAspen Center for Environmental Studies$117,1212012+
64Walton Family FoundationAspen Valley Medical Foundation Limited$10,0002012+
65Walton Family FoundationAspen Valley Ski-Snowboard Club Inc.$40,0002012+
66Walton Family FoundationAspire of Green County Oklahoma$10,0002012+
67Walton Family FoundationAssociation of American Educators Foundation$512,0002012+
68Walton Family FoundationAssociation of American Educators Foundation$293,1842012+
69Walton Family FoundationAssociation of Latino Professionals in Finance and Accounting Foundation $315,6582012+
70Walton Family FoundationAssociation of Missouri Charter Schools$326,3002012+
71Walton Family FoundationASU Foundation for A New American University$5,502,5002012+
72Walton Family FoundationAurora Collegiate Academy Charter School $220,0002012+
73Walton Family FoundationBarry Goldwater Institute for Public Policy Research$200,0002012+
74Walton Family FoundationBartlesville Area Friends of the Parks Inc.$10,0002012+
75Walton Family FoundationBayou Bartholomew Alliance$133,1252012+
76Walton Family FoundationBeacon Center of Tennessee$75,0002012+
77Walton Family FoundationBeaver Water District$43,7502012+
78Walton Family FoundationBellwether Education Partners$185,0002012+
79Walton Family FoundationBentonville Bella Vista Trailblazers Association Inc$1,653,6792012+
80Walton Family FoundationBentonville Bella Vista Trailblazers Association Inc$328,0232012+
81Walton Family FoundationBentonville Child Care and Development Center$946,9912012+
82Walton Family FoundationBentonville Public Schools$118,2182012+
83Walton Family FoundationBentonville Public Schools Foundation$102,9862012+
84Walton Family FoundationBentonville Public Schools Foundation$15,0002012+
85Walton Family FoundationBetter Learning Communities$220,0002012+
86Walton Family FoundationBiodiversity Project$90,0002012+
87Walton Family FoundationBlack Alliance for Educational Options$1,114,2002012+
88Walton Family FoundationBlue Ridge School Incorporated$94,9402012+
89Walton Family FoundationBluestem Regional Medical Development Foundation$10,0002012+
90Walton Family FoundationBonneville Environmental Foundation$229,1302012+
91Walton Family FoundationBoston Mountain Cyclists Inc.$15,0002012+
92Walton Family FoundationBoulder Community Foundation$215,0002012+
93Walton Family FoundationBoy Scouts of America/Indian Nations Council Inc$12,0002012+
94Walton Family FoundationBoys & Girls Clubs of America$25,0002012+
95Walton Family FoundationBoys and Girls Club of Bartlesville$10,0002012+
96Walton Family FoundationBoys and Girls Club of Benton County$30,0002012+
97Walton Family FoundationBoys and Girls Club of Faulkner County Arkansas Inc.$10,0002012+
98Walton Family FoundationBoys and Girls Clubs of Metropolitan Phoenix$25,0002012+
99Walton Family FoundationBrandon Burlsworth Foundation$25,0002012+
100Walton Family FoundationBridges Public Charter School$30,0002012+
Contributions from private foundations and other nonprofit entities are based on a review of publicly available Forms 990 filed with the Internal Revenue Service. For more information about our methodology, visit our about page.