103 transactions on record as a donor.

Ordered By: Year (Newer to Older)

1Trammell Crow CompanyBarbara Buckley$2502008+
2Trammell Crow CompanyHarry Sidhu$1,0002007+
3Trammell Crow CompanyColoradans for Responsible Reform$1,5002006+
4Trammell Crow CompanyColoradans for Responsible Reform$1,0002006+
5Trammell Crow CompanySusan Combs$2,5002006+
6Trammell Crow CompanyPaul A. Sarlo$5002005+
7Trammell Crow CompanyMatt Blunt$1252004+
8Trammell Crow CompanyCarl L. Bearden$2502004+
9Trammell Crow CompanyDavid H. Dewhurst$2,5002004+
10Trammell Crow CompanyMichael Steele$1,0002002+
11Trammell Crow CompanyDan Branch$2,0002002+
12Trammell Crow CompanyDan Branch$5002002+
13Trammell Crow CompanyRon Saxton$2002002+
14Trammell Crow CompanyDan Branch$7502002+
15Trammell Crow CompanyKenn George$1,0002002+
16Trammell Crow CompanyCarole Keeton Strayhorn$25,0002002+
17Trammell Crow CompanyDemocratic National Committee$3,0002002+
18Trammell Crow CompanyCarole Keeton Strayhorn$5002002+
19Trammell Crow CompanyDave Kerr & Mary Birch$1,0002002+
20Trammell Crow CompanyBob Ehrlich$2,5002001+
21Trammell Crow CompanyGreg Abbott$25,0002001+
22Trammell Crow CompanyCarole Keeton Strayhorn$5002001+
23Trammell Crow CompanyDan Branch$4,2502001+
24Trammell Crow CompanyStephen M. Sweeney$1,0002001+
25Trammell Crow CompanyRon Saxton$1002001+
26Trammell Crow CompanyGonzalo Barrientos$2502000+
27Trammell Crow CompanyLynn Shapiro$2502000+
28Trammell Crow CompanyJeff Wentworth$2502000+
29Trammell Crow CompanyRon Saxton$3502000+
30Trammell Crow CompanyTodd Staples$5002000+
31Trammell Crow CompanyPete E. Laney$2502000+
32Trammell Crow CompanyDavid M. McIntosh$1,2002000+
33Trammell Crow CompanyBarry B. Telford$2502000+
34Trammell Crow CompanyRon Saxton$2502000+
35Trammell Crow CompanyToddy Puller$1,1251999+
36Trammell Crow CompanyToddy Puller$1,0001999+
37Trammell Crow CompanyToddy Puller$1,5001999+
38Trammell Crow CompanyToddy Puller$3,0001999+
39Trammell Crow CompanyToddy Puller$1,5001999+
40Trammell Crow CompanyClint Day$2,5001998+
41Trammell Crow CompanyGeorge Ryan$3001998+
42Trammell Crow CompanyClint Day$1,0001997+
43Trammell Crow CompanyDick Armey$2501995+
44Trammell Crow CompanyPhil Gramm$1,0001995+
45Trammell Crow CompanyDave McCurdy$5001994+
46Trammell Crow CompanyEffective Government Committee$1,0001994+
47Trammell Crow CompanyAlan Wheat$1,0001994+
48Trammell Crow CompanyKen Bentsen$1,0001994+
49Trammell Crow CompanyBob Carr$5001994+
50Trammell Crow CompanyRonald D. Coleman$2501994+
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