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12014$15,327,968$458,943$0$434,500$702,228View 990
22013$14,011,101$665,424$0$351,800$618,121View 990
32012$12,332,445$247,480$0$353,700$618,810View 990
42011$11,706,547$348,209$3,000$342,000$593,597View 990
52010$11,220,985$179,201$0$240,000$477,208View 990
62009$9,266,448$-29,487$0$427,000$664,856View 990
72008$12,452,587$971,400$0$476,000$739,636View 990
82007$12,984,348$785,498$0$360,000$607,600View 990
92006$11,745,844$740,039$0$406,000$631,096View 990
102005$10,540,818$484,853$0$420,400$645,405View 990
112004$10,482,421$320,481$0$420,000$658,598View 990
122001$11,545,177$831,936$0$482,000$741,913View 990

282 transactions on record as a donor.

Ordered By: Year (Newer to Older)

1The Weiler FoundationAlzheimer's Community Care$5,0002013+
2The Weiler FoundationAmerican Council of Trustees and Alumni$5,0002013+
3The Weiler FoundationAmerica's Future Foundation$5,0002013+
4The Weiler FoundationAmerican Spectator Foundation$5,0002013+
5The Weiler FoundationBest Friends Animal Society$10,0002013+
6The Weiler FoundationCapital Research Center$10,0002013+
7The Weiler FoundationCatching the Dream$2,5002013+
8The Weiler FoundationCato Institute$20,0002013+
9The Weiler FoundationCenter for Immigration Studies$10,0002013+
10The Weiler FoundationClassical South Florida$20,8002013+
11The Weiler FoundationColgate University$10,0002013+
12The Weiler FoundationCriminal Justice Legal Foundation$5,0002013+
13The Weiler FoundationFlorida Wild Mammal Association$2,0002013+
14The Weiler FoundationHarvard-Westlake School$15,0002013+
15The Weiler FoundationHoover Institution on War Revolution and Peace$5,0002013+
16The Weiler FoundationHoover Institution on War Revolution and Peace$25,0002013+
17The Weiler FoundationHospice of Palm Beach County Inc.$5,0002013+
18The Weiler FoundationHospital Albert Schweitzer Haiti$10,0002013+
19The Weiler FoundationJungle Friends Primate Sanctuary$5,0002013+
20The Weiler FoundationKeck School of Medicine of USC$20,0002013+
21The Weiler FoundationLeukemia & Lymphoma Society$5,0002013+
22The Weiler FoundationLeukemia & Lymphoma Society$10,0002013+
23The Weiler FoundationManhattan Institute for Policy Research$2,5002013+
24The Weiler FoundationMcCarthy's Wildlife Sanctuary$7,5002013+
25The Weiler FoundationNew Horizons Service Dogs$1,5002013+
26The Weiler FoundationOpportunity Inc. (West Palm Beach FL)$5,0002013+
27The Weiler FoundationPacific Legal Foundation$10,0002013+
28The Weiler FoundationPacific Research Institute for Public Policy$15,0002013+
29The Weiler FoundationSafe Harbor Animal Rescue (Jupiter FL)$10,0002013+
30The Weiler FoundationSouth Florida Science Museum$5,0002013+
31The Weiler FoundationSt. John's Prep School - (New York NY)$15,0002013+
32The Weiler FoundationThe Claremont Institute$5,0002013+
33The Weiler FoundationFund for American Studies$5,0002013+
34The Weiler FoundationThe Heritage Foundation$20,0002013+
35The Weiler FoundationSalvation Army - Palm Beach FL$5,0002013+
36The Weiler FoundationUSC Ethel Percy Andrus Gerontology Center$10,0002013+
37The Weiler FoundationZoological Society of the Palm Beaches$21,5002013+
38The Weiler FoundationZoological Society of the Palm Beaches$3,5002013+
39The Weiler FoundationAmerican Spectator Foundation$5,0002012+
40The Weiler FoundationCatching the Dream$5,0002012+
41The Weiler FoundationCato Institute$5,0002012+
42The Weiler FoundationColgate University$5,0002012+
43The Weiler FoundationFlorida Wild Mammal Association$5,0002012+
44The Weiler FoundationFreedomWorks Foundation$5,0002012+
45The Weiler FoundationFund for American Studies$10,0002012+
46The Weiler FoundationHarvard-Westlake School$20,0002012+
47The Weiler FoundationHoover Institution on War Revolution and Peace$20,0002012+
48The Weiler FoundationInstitute for Justice$5,0002012+
49The Weiler FoundationManhattan Institute for Policy Research$5,0002012+
50The Weiler FoundationThe Scripps Research Institute$20,0002012+
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