1,504 transactions on record as a donor.

Ordered By: Year (Newer to Older)

151The Roe FoundationPioneer Institute for Public Policy Research$15,0002011+
152The Roe FoundationPlatte Institute for Economic Research$15,0002011+
153The Roe FoundationReason Foundation$5,0002011+
154The Roe FoundationRio Grande Foundation$15,0002011+
155The Roe FoundationShow-Me Institute$10,0002011+
156The Roe FoundationSouth Carolina Policy Council$150,0002011+
157The Roe FoundationSt. Croix Review$1,0002011+
158The Roe FoundationState Policy Network$100,0002011+
159The Roe FoundationAmerica's Future Foundation$5,0002011+
160The Roe FoundationMont Pelerin Society$10,0002011+
161The Roe FoundationMinnesota Free Market Institute$5,0002011+
162The Roe FoundationA Child's Haven$1,0002011+
163The Roe FoundationA Child's Haven$1,0002011+
164The Roe FoundationArtisphere$2,5002011+
165The Roe FoundationLoaves and Fishes$5,0002011+
166The Roe FoundationIntellectual Takeout$1,0002011+
167The Roe FoundationMiracle Hill Ministries$30,0002011+
168The Roe FoundationGreenville Council of Garden Clubs$2,0002011+
169The Roe FoundationGreenville Chorale$1,0002011+
170The Roe FoundationSouth Carolina Children's Theatre$5,0002011+
171The Roe FoundationSouth Carolina Governor's School for the Arts$2,5002011+
172The Roe FoundationOcean State Policy Research Institute$10,0002011+
173The Roe FoundationTalent Market$10,0002011+
174The Roe FoundationActon Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty$5,0002010+
175The Roe FoundationAlabama Policy Institute$20,0002010+
176The Roe FoundationAmerican Legislative Exchange Council$2,5002010+
177The Roe FoundationAmerica's Future Foundation$5,0002010+
178The Roe FoundationExponent Philanthropy$1,5002010+
179The Roe FoundationAtlas Economic Research Foundation$30,0002010+
180The Roe FoundationBeacon Hill Institute$15,0002010+
181The Roe FoundationBluegrass Institute$20,0002010+
182The Roe FoundationBuckeye Institute for Public Policy Solutions$20,0002010+
183The Roe FoundationCarolina Ballet Theatre$5,0002010+
184The Roe FoundationCarolina Youth Symphony$1,0002010+
185The Roe FoundationCascade Policy Institute$20,0002010+
186The Roe FoundationCenter of the American Experiment$15,0002010+
187The Roe FoundationCharity Ball Board of Greenville$10,0002010+
188The Roe FoundationChrist Church Episcopal School$25,0002010+
189The Roe FoundationCitizens Against Government Waste$1,0002010+
190The Roe FoundationClare Boothe Luce Policy Institute$1,0002010+
191The Roe FoundationCommonwealth Foundation for Public Policy Alternatives$25,0002010+
192The Roe FoundationDiligent Hands Gracious Hearts$1,0002010+
193The Roe FoundationEmpire Center for State Policy$15,0002010+
194The Roe FoundationEthan Allen Institute$10,0002010+
195The Roe FoundationThe Freedom Foundation$25,0002010+
196The Roe FoundationFederalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies$5,0002010+
197The Roe FoundationFidelity Charitable Gift Fund$40,0002010+
198The Roe FoundationFoundation for Economic Education$2,5002010+
199The Roe FoundationFree State Foundation$10,0002010+
200The Roe FoundationFreedom Foundation of Minnesota$15,0002010+
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