1,504 transactions on record as a donor.

Ordered By: Year (Newer to Older)

1451The Roe FoundationJohn Locke Foundation$10,0001998+
1452The Roe FoundationJosiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy$6,0001998+
1453The Roe FoundationKansas Policy Institute$5,0001998+
1454The Roe FoundationLandmark Legal Foundation$2,5001998+
1455The Roe FoundationLeadership Institute$2,5001998+
1456The Roe FoundationMackinac Center for Public Policy$25,0001998+
1457The Roe FoundationManhattan Institute for Policy Research$1,0001998+
1458The Roe FoundationEdChoice (Formerly Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice)$1,0001998+
1459The Roe FoundationMiracle Hill Ministries$15,0001998+
1460The Roe FoundationMont Pelerin Society$10,0001998+
1461The Roe FoundationMountain States Legal Foundation$1,0001998+
1462The Roe FoundationThe Museum Association Inc.$5001998+
1463The Roe FoundationNational Center for Policy Analysis$2,5001998+
1464The Roe FoundationNational Defense Council Foundation$1,0001998+
1465The Roe FoundationNational Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation$1,0001998+
1466The Roe FoundationNational Taxpayers Union$1,0001998+
1467The Roe FoundationNevada Policy Research Institute$5,0001998+
1468The Roe FoundationNorth Greenville University$5,0001998+
1469The Roe FoundationOf the People Foundation$1,0001998+
1470The Roe FoundationOklahoma Council of Public Affairs$5,0001998+
1471The Roe FoundationPacific Research Institute for Public Policy$3,0001998+
1472The Roe FoundationPhilanthropy Roundtable$1,0001998+
1473The Roe FoundationPiedmont Women's Center$1,0001998+
1474The Roe FoundationPiedmont Women's Center$5,0001998+
1475The Roe FoundationPioneer Institute for Public Policy Research$2,5001998+
1476The Roe FoundationProperty and Environment Research Center$30,0001998+
1477The Roe FoundationPublic Interest Institute$1,0001998+
1478The Roe FoundationReason Foundation$10,0001998+
1479The Roe FoundationReason Foundation$5,0001998+
1480The Roe FoundationRockford Institute$1,0001998+
1481The Roe FoundationThe Salvation Army$2,5001998+
1482The Roe FoundationSecond Presbyterian Church$1001998+
1483The Roe FoundationSouth Carolina Policy Council$60,0001998+
1484The Roe FoundationSouth Carolina Policy Council$5,0001998+
1485The Roe FoundationSoutheastern Legal Foundation$1,5001998+
1486The Roe FoundationSt. John's Academy$2,5001998+
1487The Roe FoundationState Policy Network$60,0001998+
1488The Roe FoundationState Policy Network$5,0001998+
1489The Roe FoundationSutherland Institute$10,0001998+
1490The Roe FoundationTennessee Family Institute$5,0001998+
1491The Roe FoundationTexas Justice Foundation$2,5001998+
1492The Roe FoundationTexas Public Policy Foundation$15,0001998+
1493The Roe FoundationCato Institute$2,5001998+
1494The Roe FoundationThe Claremont Institute$1,0001998+
1495The Roe FoundationThe Heritage Foundation$55,0001998+
1496The Roe FoundationThe Heritage Foundation$5,0001998+
1497The Roe FoundationThe Philadelphia Society$5,0001998+
1498The Roe FoundationThomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy$10,0001998+
1499The Roe FoundationToward Tradition$2,5001998+
1500The Roe FoundationU.S. English Foundation$1,0001998+
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