1,504 transactions on record as a donor.

Ordered By: Year (Newer to Older)

101The Roe FoundationActon Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty$5,0002011+
102The Roe FoundationAlabama Policy Institute$20,0002011+
103The Roe FoundationAmerican Legislative Exchange Council$1,0002011+
104The Roe FoundationAtlas Economic Research Foundation$20,0002011+
105The Roe FoundationExponent Philanthropy$1,5002011+
106The Roe FoundationBluegrass Institute$15,0002011+
107The Roe FoundationBuckeye Institute for Public Policy Solutions$20,0002011+
108The Roe FoundationCancer Society of Greenville County$7,5002011+
109The Roe FoundationCarolina Youth Symphony$1,0002011+
110The Roe FoundationCascade Policy Institute$20,0002011+
111The Roe FoundationCato Institute$10,0002011+
112The Roe FoundationCenter of the American Experiment$10,0002011+
113The Roe FoundationChrist Church Episcopal School$25,0002011+
114The Roe FoundationCommonwealth Foundation for Public Policy Alternatives$25,0002011+
115The Roe FoundationEmpire Center for State Policy$15,0002011+
116The Roe FoundationEthan Allen Institute$10,0002011+
117The Roe FoundationThe Freedom Foundation$25,0002011+
118The Roe FoundationFederalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies$5,0002011+
119The Roe FoundationFidelity Charitable Gift Fund$107,5002011+
120The Roe FoundationFoundation for Economic Education$2,5002011+
121The Roe FoundationFreedom Foundation of Minnesota$15,0002011+
122The Roe FoundationFund for American Studies$2,5002011+
123The Roe FoundationGeorgia Public Policy Foundation$15,0002011+
124The Roe FoundationGoldwater Institute$25,0002011+
125The Roe FoundationGrassroot Institute of Hawaii$20,0002011+
126The Roe FoundationDiligent Hands Gracious Hearts$2,5002011+
127The Roe FoundationIdaho Freedom Foundation$10,0002011+
128The Roe FoundationIllinois Policy Institute$25,0002011+
129The Roe FoundationIndependence Institute$25,0002011+
130The Roe FoundationIndiana Policy Review Foundation$20,0002011+
131The Roe FoundationInstitute for Humane Studies$25,0002011+
132The Roe FoundationInstitute for Justice$10,0002011+
133The Roe FoundationIntercollegiate Studies Institute$25,0002011+
134The Roe FoundationJames Madison Institute$25,0002011+
135The Roe FoundationJohn Locke Foundation$20,0002011+
136The Roe FoundationJosiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy$15,0002011+
137The Roe FoundationKansas Policy Institute$15,0002011+
138The Roe FoundationMackinac Center for Public Policy$25,0002011+
139The Roe FoundationMaine Heritage Policy Center$25,0002011+
140The Roe FoundationMaryland Public Policy Institute$20,0002011+
141The Roe FoundationMercatus Center$2,5002011+
142The Roe FoundationMississippi Center for Public Policy$25,0002011+
143The Roe FoundationMontana Policy Institute$15,0002011+
144The Roe FoundationNevada Policy Research Institute$20,0002011+
145The Roe FoundationNorth Dakota Policy Council$10,0002011+
146The Roe FoundationOklahoma Council of Public Affairs$25,0002011+
147The Roe FoundationPacific Research Institute for Public Policy$20,0002011+
148The Roe FoundationPelican Institute for Public Policy$15,0002011+
149The Roe FoundationPhilanthropy Roundtable$2,5002011+
150The Roe FoundationPiedmont Women's Center$4,0002011+
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