1,504 transactions on record as a donor.

Ordered By: Year (Newer to Older)

1401The Roe FoundationWomen's Freedom Network$1,0001999+
1402The Roe FoundationYoung America's Foundation$2,5001999+
1403The Roe FoundationActon Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty$5,0001998+
1404The Roe FoundationAlabama Policy Institute$3,0001998+
1405The Roe FoundationAllegheny Institute for Public Policy$5,0001998+
1406The Roe FoundationAmericans for Tax Reform$5,0001998+
1407The Roe FoundationAmerica's Future Foundation$2,5001998+
1408The Roe FoundationAmerica's Future Foundation$10,0001998+
1409The Roe FoundationAtlas Economic Research Foundation$20,0001998+
1410The Roe FoundationBeacon Hill Institute$7,5001998+
1411The Roe FoundationBob Jones University$5,0001998+
1412The Roe FoundationBuckeye Institute for Public Policy Solutions$12,0001998+
1413The Roe FoundationBuckeye Institute for Public Policy Solutions$3,0001998+
1414The Roe FoundationCalvert Institute for Policy Research$5,0001998+
1415The Roe FoundationCancer Society of Greenville County$2,5001998+
1416The Roe FoundationCapital Research Center$10,0001998+
1417The Roe FoundationCascade Policy Institute$15,0001998+
1418The Roe FoundationCenter for Education Reform$8,0001998+
1419The Roe FoundationCenter for Individual Rights$1,0001998+
1420The Roe FoundationCenter for Market Processes$5,0001998+
1421The Roe FoundationCenter of the American Experiment$10,0001998+
1422The Roe FoundationClemson University$5,0001998+
1423The Roe FoundationCommonwealth Foundation for Public Policy Alternatives$8,0001998+
1424The Roe FoundationCompetitive Enterprise Institute$7,5001998+
1425The Roe FoundationConstitutional Heritage Foundation$5,0001998+
1426The Roe FoundationConsumer Alert$2,5001998+
1427The Roe FoundationThe Education and Research Institute$2,5001998+
1428The Roe FoundationEpiscopalians United$1,0001998+
1429The Roe FoundationEthan Allen Institute$2,5001998+
1430The Roe FoundationEthics and Public Policy Center$2,5001998+
1431The Roe FoundationThe Freedom Foundation$20,0001998+
1432The Roe FoundationFamily Research Council$1,0001998+
1433The Roe FoundationFederalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies$2,0001998+
1434The Roe FoundationFoundation for Economic Education$5,0001998+
1435The Roe FoundationFoundation for Teaching Economics$2,0001998+
1436The Roe FoundationFoundation Francisco Marroquin$7,5001998+
1437The Roe FoundationFree Congress Research and Education Foundation$55,0001998+
1438The Roe FoundationFurman University$3,0001998+
1439The Roe FoundationGoldwater Institute$2,5001998+
1440The Roe FoundationGreenville Council of Garden Clubs$3,7501998+
1441The Roe FoundationHeartland Institute$4,0001998+
1442The Roe FoundationIndependence Institute$2,5001998+
1443The Roe FoundationIndiana Policy Review Foundation$17,0001998+
1444The Roe FoundationInstitute for Health Freedom$1001998+
1445The Roe FoundationInstitute for Humane Studies$1,5001998+
1446The Roe FoundationInstitute for Justice$5,0001998+
1447The Roe FoundationInstitute for Policy Innovation$1,0001998+
1448The Roe FoundationInstitute of Economic Affairs$2,5001998+
1449The Roe FoundationIntercollegiate Studies Institute$40,0001998+
1450The Roe FoundationJames Madison Institute$15,0001998+
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