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12013$8,554,373$493,758$659,000$810,621$846,106View 990
22012$8,906,721$174,098$300,000$946,724$979,427View 990
32011$9,712,050$1,297,009$753,059$1,049,615$1,096,293View 990
42010$9,511,334$1,569,439$977,900$1,033,238$1,058,973View 990
52009$9,000,868$390,943$119,017$1,112,750$1,137,228View 990
62008$9,747,153$465,974$500,000$956,322$983,141View 990
72007$10,264,320$1,574,832$999,991$839,750$883,684View 990
82006$9,572,183$1,819,533$1,000,000$752,925$801,941View 990
92005$8,555,580$1,657,802$1,007,551$631,281$667,894View 990
102004$7,565,672$770,973$0$424,315$440,877View 990
112003$7,235,576$248,819$1,140,000$509,900$531,565View 990
122002$7,518,322$1,117,265$1,000,000$424,100$435,225View 990
132001$6,836,282$977,964$1,000,000$483,400$498,542View 990

493 transactions on record as a donor.

Ordered By: Year (Newer to Older)

1The Rodney FundCato Institute$70,0002013+
2The Rodney FundLudwig von Mises Institute$61,0002013+
3The Rodney FundMackinac Center for Public Policy$60,0002013+
4The Rodney FundFuture Freedom Education$52,0002013+
5The Rodney FundBeaumont Foundation$50,0002013+
6The Rodney FundInstitute for Humane Studies$48,8002013+
7The Rodney FundStudents for Liberty$41,5002013+
8The Rodney FundThe Independent Institute$41,0002013+
9The Rodney FundGoldwater Institute$40,0002013+
10The Rodney FundFree To Choose Network$37,1212013+
11The Rodney FundAyn Rand Institute$26,0002013+
12The Rodney FundFreedomWorks Foundation$25,0002013+
13The Rodney FundInstitute for Justice$25,0002013+
14The Rodney FundWashington Legal Foundation$22,0002013+
15The Rodney FundFoundation for Economic Education$20,0002013+
16The Rodney FundReason Foundation$20,0002013+
17The Rodney FundAction Institute AICR$17,0002013+
18The Rodney FundMercatus Center$13,0002013+
19The Rodney FundState Policy Network$13,0002013+
20The Rodney FundHeartland Institute$12,0002013+
21The Rodney FundNational Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation$12,0002013+
22The Rodney FundMackinac Center for Public Policy$10,5002013+
23The Rodney FundFuture of Freedom Foundation$10,0002013+
24The Rodney FundFREE$8,0002013+
25The Rodney FundU.S. Bill of Rights Foundation$7,0002013+
26The Rodney FundLeadership Institute$7,0002013+
27The Rodney FundIZZIT Organization$6,5002013+
28The Rodney FundCapital Research Center$6,0002013+
29The Rodney FundCompetitive Enterprise Institute$6,0002013+
30The Rodney FundAFPD Foundation$5,0002013+
31The Rodney FundAtlas Economic Research Foundation$5,0002013+
32The Rodney FundLearning About Diabetes$5,0002013+
33The Rodney FundNational Endowment for Liberty$4,2002013+
34The Rodney FundAmerican Council Economic and Society$4,0002013+
35The Rodney FundFoundation for American Studies$4,0002013+
36The Rodney FundNational Taxpayers Union$4,0002013+
37The Rodney FundTax Foundation$3,0002013+
38The Rodney FundAmericans for Prosperity$2,0002013+
39The Rodney FundJudicial Watch$2,0002013+
40The Rodney FundMoving Picture Institute$2,0002013+
41The Rodney FundDartmouth Review Fund$1,0002013+
42The Rodney FundLeukemia & Lymphoma Society$1,0002013+
43The Rodney FundASCPA$5002013+
44The Rodney FundBorderlinks$5002013+
45The Rodney FundAction Institute AICR$16,0002012+
46The Rodney FundAFPD Foundation$2,0002012+
47The Rodney FundAmericans for Prosperity$6,0002012+
48The Rodney FundAtlas Economic Research Foundation$2,0002012+
49The Rodney FundBeaumont Foundation$30,0002012+
50The Rodney FundU.S. Bill of Rights Foundation$13,0002012+
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